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CheerLife is a great new all-inclusive social media app and full gym communication app all in one place. As gym owners, coaches and software-engineers, the founders of CheerLife wanted to create a one-stop, all-inclusive app for an entire gym within a safe, password-protected social media environment. They tasked themselves with the mission to redefine how we communicate as an industry, give gyms the opportunity to have a custom app experience for their customers, and incentivize athletes to work hard all season by tracking their actions to win prizes and rewards. Sounds good, right?

A few years ago, the founders recognized a need for change in the fragmented communication landscape within the community; they also saw the popularity of social media growing in young and younger athletes and were concerned about the negative effect this could have on young kids, as well as exposing them to unknown adults.

So, combining their years of experience as athletes and coaches, aligned with experts in the tech realm, they built a team of passionate experts to create a platform which will revolutionize cheer. Earlier this year, they began pitching the idea to big brands and so far Puma, Mophie, the LA Lakers and NASCAR have already seen the potential in early partnerships with CheerLife.

Where does this mean to you? Well, if you’re interested in owning a piece of CheerLife, they want the community of users to have an opportunity to become owners of a movement in positive communication they are thriving for. So, for a short time, you can join them in owning part of the fastest growing sport in the world!

If you believe in supporting a diverse and positive environment to foster the next generation of athletes; if you are looking for a bit of risk in a fast moving market with an early stage technology, head over to their campaign and take a look. CheerLife looks forward to having you as a member of their community and would love to have you as an investor.

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