Trust Your Choice

Waiting for team placements and having anxiety? It’s ok! It’s perfectly normal. Even if know which team you’re going to make, there’s always a little bit of worry in the back of your mind. Here are three things to think about while you wait for that email or phone call:

Trust Your Choice

If you’re trying out at a new gym or staying at your home gym, trust your choice. You made it for a reason, whether that’s because you wanted new experiences or you are ready to be a leader. The benefits of a new gym mean that you are being judged on solely on the tryout skills you showed in tumbling and/or stunt group workouts. The downside is they don’t know how you work on a team, whether you show leadership skills, or how well you handle the pressure. If you’re staying at your home gym, you have all the benefits of the coaches knowing you and how you developed over the last year! It might also mean they place you in a position that they think is best for the gym as a whole but might not feel right for you. Either way, when you find out your placement, remember why you chose that gym and trust the choice you made before the emotions kicked in.

Emotions! Are! Ok!

You’re going to feel elated, or maybe a little heartbroken, depending on which team you make. We really really hope it’s the first one. But, if it happens to be the second one, allow yourself time to process it. Don’t react from an emotional place when you want to quit, walk out or try out somewhere else. Go to at least two practices, and then talk to the coaches if you’re still really unhappy and thinking of going somewhere else. The summer is just starting and you aren’t committed yet; leaving before choreography isn’t the worst thing in the world if you are positive you will not have a productive, happy and successful season on the team you were placed on. At the same time, remember that for coaches, this is their job! They work with hundreds of athletes every year and can spot things in you that you may not see in yourself. A senior 4.2 can be the perfect place to stretch your stunt skills and allow you to progress your tumbling outside practice without any pressure. Or a junior 4 basing position where you’re a true leader may be a healthier emotional environment for you than a senior 5 team. So, before you have an emotional reaction, give it some time.

Try It Out

Gyms might become families, but at the bottom line, they are businesses. As a customer, you have the right to try out at different gyms—as many as you want!—without feeling guilty. You need to do what is best for you at the end of the day. A respectful, successful gym will understand that your choices as a customer matter, and will wish you luck if you decide to move on but keep the doors open for you to come back if you feel another gym isn’t the right fit. So go on! Try it out! And never be afraid to go back home if the new gym isn’t quite right. Cheer is an expensive sport and you have every right to try on different fits before you commit to a season!

Cheer Daily Staff

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