In the style of the beloved tv show Friday Night Lights, Trophies explores what it’s really like to compete a flawless, worlds-winning routine, and the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get to 2:30 of perfection. It truly takes a community to win worlds, and the community in Trophies learns that although we as individuals may be flawed, together we can be perfect… and not just on Instagram!

The young women of the world champion team, Cheer Legacy Lightning, have a reputation to protect—a reputation forged through triumph and tragedy. After back-to-back world championship wins in front of 50,000 screaming fans and an audience of 2 million on tv, the pressure is high to win again. But when their beloved coach Leslie Day collapses at Nationals from an aneurysm, they are left grieving and without a leader… wondering if this sport that they’ve given up everything for is worth it.

Enter Caroline Marshall, a broke and disgraced former world-champion caliber coach, and co- founder of Cheer Legacy Athletics. Today, she is scraping by at a job she hates after being pushed out of the industry ten years ago because of her addiction issues. Now sober, she’s trying to keep her head above water. Initially coaxed back into the industry after ten years by her sister, Caroline ultimately decides to go back to Cheer Legacy to finish the season for Leslie; but Cheer Legacy is also her sister’s biggest rival gym.

As Cheer Legacy Lightning cheerleaders attempt to regain their world champion title during a season rife with conflict, loss, parental interference, and the trappings of cheerlebrity, Caroline finds purpose in leading these elite athletes, reigniting their passion for a sport they all love. Even more than most, the precision sport of cheerleading doesn’t have room for the individual greatness, only excellence in service to the team. It is a test of letting go. Letting go of the past, of the future, of the ego, of those you love, and of those you hate.

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