Hands up if your car/bedroom/dorm/backpack is full of empty plastic water bottles? Guilty!

Here are three easy ways to change your habits and reduce your impact on the planet!

Invest in a good water bottle

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but it’s worth investing in a good, reusable water bottle. It’s best to choose stainless steel or glass bottles as they withstand heat, cold and dishwashing without being damaged. If you choose a plastic one, make sure it’s BPA free. BPA can have long-term health effects on the brain and behavior of children and infants. Check out our collection below!

Ask your gym to provide a recycling bin

Using your own bottle is preferable, but it’s inevitable that sometimes you’re still going to have a plastic bottle or two. Ask your gym to provide a recycling can for plastics and encourage your teammates to recycle their bottles instead of sending it straight to landfill!

Go without straws at restaurants because… sea turtles

You’ve all seen the video, right? Right. Enough said.

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