It’s your first class of the day and you’re too tired to think, or third period and you realize the class is waiting for you to answer a question you didn’t even hear, or after lunch and you’re thinking about cheer practice… if this is you the first few weeks of school, how are you going to keep up your grades all this year? Competition season is coming up and the last thing you need is stress and worry about your grades when you’re getting ready to take on the mat.

Here are some super easy tips to concentrate in class and take your studying to level 5 (or y’know, level 1 because backwalkovers are hard and we all start somewhere).

Put away your tablet, or laptop in class.

Taking notes on paper, with a blue pen, has been shown to help students retain information. Taking away technology also removes other online and digital distractions, keeping your mind focussed on note-taking. Keep in mind not everyone takes notes the same way, using colors, pictures, different handwriting and visual-aids are just as legitimate as regular note-taking. Do what works best for you!

Fill the gaps.

It’s only three math questions or a paragraph for history, do it later… that’s the mantra of failure. Do your homework NOW! Three questions you can quickly do at lunch? Do it! One paragraph you can do in the car on the way home before cheer practice? Do it! Get used to filling the gaps in the day with schoolwork, making it easier when competition season starts and free time is at a premium.

Ask questions. Answer questions.

Are you telling me you can perform in front of thousands of people in the Arena but can’t raise your hand in class? Now’s the time to start! Why? Because making yourself known to your teacher now will help you in the long run. Make sure your teacher knows who you are. If they know you are engaged and care about your grades, if times get tough during comp season they will be more likely to help with whatever study materials you might need if you have to miss days of school, or catch-up work if you need it.


When you get home, that’s the time to bring out your laptop. Take your daily notes, rewrite and summarize them. Anything you missed or found particularly interesting? Do some googling in google scholar and dig deep into your fave subjects.


Is there a family planner in your house? Add your assignments. Do you have your own personal planner or digital calendar? ADD YOUR ASSIGNMENTS AND TESTS! It’s easier to plan your studying accordingly if you know what’s coming up. Don’t be the kid trying to start a research paper on day 2 of NCA nationals. It never ends well.

Keep checking in with us, we’ll be dropping study tips and tricks all season! From the best apps to get ahead, to how to write a research paper, Cheer Daily are going to make sure your only zeros this season are on the blue floor!



Cheer Daily Staff

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