Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Flying

Whether it’s a quick getaway or traveling for comps, most of us are going to get on a plane in the next few months. The dry air of planes combined with the cold, winter air? DISASTER! We can’t avoid flying, but you CAN avoid the breakouts and flaky skin with these five easy tips:


Start hydrating BEFORE you fly

Being hydrated needs consistency, and making sure you’re drinking enough water in the days leading up to your flight will help your skin prepare for the dehydration. Even better than water is coconut water! No amount of creams or lotions can compete with being hydrated from within.

Prep for your flight

Before heading to the airport, prep your skin by washing with a hydrating, soap-free cleanser (we love The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser) and following with your usual skincare routine sans makeup. A face moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid can help keep your skin hydrated.

Keep it up inflight!

Keep up your liquid intake, even if it means you have to use those tiny restrooms more often! With all the germs in the air, it will also help you to keep flushing out your system with fluids—and keep it up for a few hours after your flight! It’s best to avoid caffeine the day you fly if possible, caffeine is a diuretic and can add to the dehydrating effects of flying.

Skincare inflight

The air inside a plane is a lot drier than we experience normally (20% humidity vs 30-60%) and the air is recirculated, meaning germs galore! Try to avoid touching your face inflight, touch up the hydration with mists and sprays (we love Evian Water and Mario Badescu rosewater) and wash your hands before applying rich face creams. Humectant masks aren’t the best as they work by drawing moisture from the air—in a dry plane environment, they may draw moisture from deep layers of your skin, leaving you feeling drier!

Hit the ground running

Once you touch down and check in to your hotel (or wherever you’re going!) go through your skincare routine again, taking extra care to ensure you’ve washed away all traces of the plane from your skin. A face mask to draw impurities from your pores can be helpful to prevent breakouts from all the plane germs, as well as a Salycic Acid spot treatment. Or use Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Acne Treatment Face Oil to hydrate and blast blemishes all in one. As always, use a good moisturizer with SPF before you go out in the sun!


Cheer Daily Staff

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