Effective marketing doesn’t happen through simple ad placement. It’s through authentic, powerful storytelling. CheerDaily readers are a laser focused group of majority female influencers and trendsetters ages 12-20; athletes who live and breathe the sport of cheerleading.

Our mantra is CHEER LIFE INTEGRATION —a philosophy that defines both our reader and our editorial content and what differentiates CheerDaily from the competition.

CheerDaily delivers comprehensive coverage of cheerleading lifestyle and events, aiming to enhance the enjoyment of all facets of the sport.
But we don’t stop there. We educate, inspire and entertain our readers, making better athletes and coaches and creating smarter consumers. We cover anything that cheerleaders are into including Style & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Technology, Relationships, Travel…

If you have an event, product or service that our readers would enjoy, we want to talk!

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Our In House Marketing Agency

Is your brand, service or product interested in reaching our audience but you’re not sure where to start?

CheerDaily is owned and managed by Moxie Brands, a full-service marketing agency. Our team is comprised of former executives from some of the most successful brands in cheerleading. We know how to engage with this unique audience and we can help you understand the cheerleading culture so you can navigate this niche market.

We can provide:

Engaging Content Creation including video and photography

Social Media Strategy

Event Booth Design

Test Market Research via Focus Groups

Influencer Marketing through CheerLife ambassadors, “CheerLifers”

Ad Design

Branding Consulting

Private Label Opportunities

Promotional Products

How Can You Advertise With Us?


Have a product that cheerleaders need or want? We want to scoop the story and talk about it on CheerDaily.com

Banner Ads and Social Media Mentions

Our monthly advertisers receive banner ad placement as well as social media mentions

On-Site Events

We have access to events all over the country and have partnerships with Event Producers.

Social Media Sampling and Giveaways

Want us to host a contest and give away your product? Our readers love participating in social media. This is a great way to increase your following and engage with our audience.

Influencer Marketing

Our team has hand-selected the most influential readers, athletes, and brand evangelists in the sport of cheerleading. Your brand’s message will quickly be distributed through our platform and combined social media reach, sending content to the followers who want to know more about your company.

Inside CheerLife App

CheerLife’s social connection app is changing the social media landscape for cheerleaders. A safe digital environment in a niche industry, the app is focused on athletes tracking their actions as they tumble, stunt and study their way through the season. The more they do, the more they’re rewarded by CheerLife partner brands advertising/sponsoring actions inside the app. The gamification of positive behavior has attracted advertising from big brand partners including athletic brand Puma and the LA Lakers. Companies large and small are interested in the concept of providing discounts and rewards for use towards the products they love – but athletes earning those discounts and rewards! The more actions they track, the more discounts and rewards they receive, the more they are incentivized to continue. We are encouraging positive behavior! Find out more by emailing Marketing@TheSpiritApps.com