Workout Wednesday!

Hey! Danielle from CHEERFIT ( here ready to get our #WorkoutWednesday on!! So you don’t want to be out of breath after going full out? We hear ya…LOUD & CLEAR! The most effective way to build endurance is through POWER BOOSTING exercises that focus on strength for stunting, power for tumbling, and cardio for stamina!
We designed today’s Workout Wednesday to do just that, so follow along with the exercises below and complete each exercise for 15 reps x 3 rounds!
  • Mountain Climbers (focus area: shoulders, core, and cardio)
  • Burpees (focus area: total body)
  • Football Runs (focus area: cardio and endurance)
  • Plank Jacks (focus area: shoulders, core, and cardio)

Complete each exercise for 12 reps, repeat 4 rounds and don’t forget to TAG @CHEERFITTRAINING in your workout pics!

We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining #CHEERFITSTRONG

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want?!

We want a legit Spice Girls reunion tour!!


Rumors have been flying around since Baby Spice posted a pic on the gram, making our office go nuts with the BEST throwback girl power playlists for the past week. Especially because it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and what a better reminder to our bf’s that “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my fraaaaaands!”.  Continue Reading

Taking Home the White Jackets

Check out this incredible performance from the 2018 Pikeville High School Cheerleaders, winning their third consecutive National Championship and taking home those coveted white jackets.

See full results from the competition here, and check out videos of all the winning routines at VarsityTV!

5 Tips to Hit This Nationals Season

It’s time for jackets and rings, y’all! Yep, it’s everyone’s favorite part of competitive: nationals season!

You’ve put in the sweat over summer, got through the mind-boggling choreography, lived through the first full outs and didn’t forget your routine at the handful of comps in 2107. But now, it’s here. Jackets, rings, and bragging rights are on the line. Are you the kind of athlete who walks in knowing you’ve got this on lock? Or the kind who shivers on deck wishing you could pee one last time… Either way, we’ve got 5 tips to make sure you get that hit.

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Be My Cheerleader!

Our parents are our biggest cheerleaders without a doubt! We couldn’t do this sport without them! But there are some things we wish our parents knew:

Flipping is hard. Like, flipping’ hard.

Getting over the fear of going upside down and landing on our hands (or head!) is hard! Some skills we’re going to get faster than others. Sometimes pushing us is good, but that’s what our coaches are for. Just love us when we walk out of the gym no matter what. 

Ice cream is always a good idea after a good OR bad tumbling day! 

Kynlee, 9.

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Managing the Burnout Blues

by Andrea McBride


All Star Cheer is a 12 month sport. There is very little downtime. Other sports have an ‘off season’ but all-star cheerleading can seem like 24/7  -365. It’s 12 months of hardcore practicing and training with four to five months of that being actual competing.

So if you start competitive cheer at a young age, burnout can happen early. Most sports get four to five years of all-in, early days and late nights, two a days, full out, hardcore athletes. But all-star cheerleading needs its athletes to do that for 10 or more years. In order to sustain that kind of commitment, there needs to be checks and balances. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday!

Hey! Danielle from CHEERFIT here and today we are sharing top tips and exercises to improve tumbling!  So if you’ve been wanting to improve your tumbling, but not sure what to do..or in need of a little power boost, today is your day!  In this workout, we are focusing on power boosting and body strengthening exercises designed to give you the upper body strength, lower body power, and overall confidence you need to take that tumbling to the next level!

Complete each exercise for 12 reps, repeat 4 rounds and don’t forget to TAG @CHEERFITTRAINING in your workout pics!

We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining #CHEERFITSTRONG

20 Ways to Win as an Allstar Cheerleader

Courtney Smith-Pope shares a personal perspective.

1) Hit your own routine when it counts
2) Know the first and last names of your whole team
3) Achieve a horizontal or better toe touch
4) Have perfect practice attendance for a whole year
5) Be the loudest source of motivation for your team always
6) Master one new skill each year of your career
7) Cry happy tears at the end of at least one routine a season
8 ) Be a triple threat, learn to fly base and back spot
9) Study your sport by watching videos from all past seasons of Allstar cheer
10) Experience a personal perfect practice with no mistakes
11) Encourage at least 10 younger athletes at every event you attend
12) Cheer on an actual competitor
13) Be the best source of support for a teammate going through an injury
14) Be the stunt group that goes in a routine all the time just for extra reps
15) Volunteer with the younger teams in your gym
16) Always be early to practice
17) Learn tumbling skills above and beyond what is personally choreographed
18) Fill in on a team and be the hero that makes it work
19) Be the one that can be counted on to save a stunt/pyramid in competition
20) Be the athlete your coach sheds the most tears over when you graduate


We train to perform in huge arenas but the Arena of Life is the one that matters the most.

Workout Wednesday!

Danielle here from CHEERFIT to chat all about core exercises for flexibility! So are you wondering how to get that stretch, scorp., or needle? Tired of stretching ALL-THE-TIME and not seeing the results? Don’t sweat it, today we are focusing on exercises that help IMPROVE flexibility by strengthening your lower back, core, and hamstrings.

Yes, stretching is important, but you want to alternate stretching with STRENGTHENING so that you can really maximize those results! So follow the exercises below and do 15 reps x 3 rounds to get your #cheeerfitstrong on!

  • Lunge to Kicks
  • Plank Leg Lifts
  • Superman V-Ups
  • Inchworm Pushups

We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining

This is Strength


To all the Alys, Jordyns, Kyles, McKaylas, Simones, Chelseas, Kassies, Gabbys, Jennifers, Rebeccas, Olivias, and more, we thank you for finding your power and your voice.