Drills Build Skills: the Back Handspring

by Roman Polyachenko

Back handspring to a hollow body plank position. This drill works to help athletes engage their core and build strength to maintain shapes in a skill!

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6 Ways To Reduce Soreness After Cheer & Tumbling Practice

by Coach Sahil from TumblingCoach.com

This article by Coach Sahil is going to help EVERY athlete out during summer conditioning!

Let’s face it, regardless of how many rule changes USASF makes, you and I both know that tumbling will always be a very crucial part of All-Star Competitive Cheerleading. And athletes will always find new ways to push their skills to the limit.

Because of this, I’d say competitive cheer is one of the hardest, and most physically demanding sports in the world today (after artistic gymnastics).

Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply misinformed or hasn’t had the courage to step in a gym.

I mean, just think of the physical attributes an all-star cheerleader needs to master:

  • Flexibility for flying
  • Plyometrics for jumps and tumbling
  • Strength for basing and basket tosses
  • Coordination for stunts and dance
  • Cardiovascular Endurance to get through a routine

Now add on the fact that a cheerleader trains anywhere from 6-12 hours per week, and you have a recipe for leg-shaking soreness and body aches. And if it’s close to competition season, the “full out” run-throughs don’t exactly help.

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Workout Wednesday!

It’s time for that #WorkoutWednesday action! Do you want to ADVANCE YOUR TUMBLING, but not sure how???

THIS @cheerfittraining workout for you! Complete each exercise for 10 reps x 3 rounds and get your how-to videos in the CHEERFIT Club cheerfittraining.com/club

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday!

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys, it’s Tuesday again and today’s topic of discussion is Communication 📞


Communication is extremely important within stunting. The ability to convey yourselves to one another effectively allows you & others you stunt with to fix mistakes, progress into more intricate stunts and develop stronger bonds as athletes. However there are certain things to remember when communicating within Stunt groups

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Find Your Pride

by Colton Canup

Considering I’m from a small town in Bible Belt, USA my coming out was fairly non-traumatic. For the most part, my friends and family were accepting. However, acceptance doesn’t mean comfort. I was exclusively acknowledged as the gay kid and it didn’t go much further than that. No one dared asked me how my day was going or even attempted to bother me in the school hallways. Although I am grateful for not having my head dunked in toilets, I was made to feel like I carried a disease that could be passed around as easily as someone showing an interest in my personal life. It was obvious that no one knew what to say. In fact – the first person to ever take an interest and ask how my sexual orientation made me feel was a teammate I met in cheerleading six hours away in Dallas.

It is overwhelming having a culture shock in a culture you thought you already identified with. The support from the LGBT community within the cheerleading community was an enjoyable change from the deafening silence that rang through the halls back home. The friends and family I made at Cheer Athletics gave me an opportunity to discover who I was as a young gay man that I would not have received in my hometown. I was encouraged to be myself and congratulated when I found another piece of my puzzle. Continue Reading

Didn’t Make the Team You Want?

Team placements are going out and there’s always someone who won’t be where they want to be.

Is that someone you?

It’s the start of the season and if you aren’t happy now, you might not be happy in six months.

Firstly, whatever you do, resist the urge to vent on social media!! Take a deep breath, delete the tweet, take a walk around the block, write a list of reasons why you are unhappy with your placement. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday: Jumps!



Psst, @cheerfittraining has got your answer! This workout right here ☝Complete each CHEERFIT exercise for 12 reps x 3 rounds and get your how-to videos in the CHEERFIT Club #ambassadorperks 👉cheerfittraining.com/join👈

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday!

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys! This week we are having a look at the common mistakes during a partner stunt toss

When partner stunting with someone, whether it be the first or your 1000th session, we always need to make sure the TIMING between base & flyer and BODY POSITIONS of the flyer is on point. Below are some of the common mistakes that I’ve personally come across while training & coaching

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RIP Kate Spade

Fashion giant Kate Spade was found dead in her apartment on New York’s Upper East Side at 10:20 this morning. Her death appears to be a suicide by hanging, with a note left for her 13yr old daughter assuring her it was not her fault.

Kate Spade launched her fashion empire in 1993 with husband, Andy Spade. Her initial line of 6 functional and stylish handbag designs was the launch pad for shoes, luggage, and other accessories, as well as a home line and stationery and three books. Selling the company in 2007, Spade and her husband began a new line, Frances Valentine.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Spade family and friends during this time.

If you or a loved one are experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts, help is available.

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 where lines are open 24hrs a day.


Drills Build Skills: Twisting Awareness

by Roman Polyachenko

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