Dear Mean Allstar Cheerleading Coach

I started with you when I was a tiny/mini cheerleader. I was mesmerized by watching the big kids. I wanted to be like them and win a medal.

When we started practicing I was a little taken aback. I did not know it at the time, but our team was a mess. We forged on over the course of many months. Through dedication, tons of coaching, fighting through immeasurable amounts of frustration we began to come together. You believed in me and told me I could get that forward roll. Once I perfected that, you said I could get my cartwheel, I did. Then I moved on to my back walk over. I did it, but it was never perfect, You always coached me every inch of the way. Celebrating little victories, but making sure my arms were straight and that I was always on count. Why are you so mean? Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday: Do THIS to Prevent Lower Back Pain When Stunting

Danielle here from CHEERFIT ( back at it sharing some flexibility and exercise
tips to PREVENT injury while stunting! March is #CheerSafetyMonth, which reminds us all to #cheersafe!

Today’s Workout Wednesday is focused on improving back flexibility & strength to PREVENT INJURY!!

Can we get a high 5 on that one?? Continue Reading

Drills Build Skills: Front Walkovers

From Coach Roman at NY Icons.

Continue Reading

A Tribute To Blinn’s Lost Angel

by Michael Brewster

There’s a story I would like to share with 2 weeks left of preparation before routines begin in Daytona. January 1st the Blinn Cheer program was devastated by the news that one of our sophomores was in a fatal car accident. Jarred was an amazing cheerleader, and an even better person and leader. He was a member of NCA Staff for the past couple of years and on our 2017 NCA Championship team. Every person Jarred came in contact with could remember his loving personality and his genuine smile. Jarred was passionate about cheerleading and about his families with Blinn and NCA.

This season, at :45 seconds into the routine, we bow our heads for a moment of silence that extends to :46. Maybe it’s coincidence but this routine will be performed on 4/5 and 4/6 this year in Daytona. I try and instill the “treasure the journey” mindset in my athletes every year because you never know when your “last” of anything will be.


We miss you everyday JarBear and can’t wait to showcase the tribute to JF5 Friday at Blinn and in 2 weeks in Daytona.


Workout Wednesday: Why is Flexibility Important to Improve Tumbling

Oh hey! Danielle here form CHEERFIT ( sharing my exercise favs and fit tips to
help you advance flexibility and improve tumbling!

Whether you want to improve flexibility for back walkovers or rock that full…you NEED flexibility to
improve your range of motion AND upper body strength for power! Wwondering where to start or what
to do? Today, we are breaking down our top 4 favorite exercises to give you the skills, strength, and
flexibility you need to take that tumbling to the next level! So let’s get to it, shall we? Continue Reading

Drills Build Skills!

Welcome to our new video series from Coach Roman from New York Icons!


“One day at time, one skill at a time, and always love what you do.” – Coach Roman Polyachenko


About Roman

Coach Roman has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 20 years. As a college athlete, he was a 6x NCA All-American and 4x NCA National Collegiate Champion with Stephen F. Austin State University; Roman also has multiple all-star national championships as a coach and athlete.


This Kid!!

I’m watching this video everyday for the rest of my life

Posted by AJ Agazarm on Thursday, March 15, 2018


Every cheerleader knows this feeling… busting over and over and over until you finally get that skill. This kid is an inspiration to all of us! Never give up!!

Finding the Perfect Romper

Guest post from Lounging With Lindsay

Follow her IG here!

Finding a good romper isn’t always easy. It’s either too long, too short, or just makes me look like a big slop. Recently as I was going through ASOS on a binge shopping spree I came across this maroon romper and thought, “this could be it!” and it was!

As soon as I tried it on I knew it was the perfect romper and what’s been even better is it’s very transitional for all seasons. Maroon is great for winter as it’s a nice dark, simple color. However, this look is more capri style with short sleeves and quite airy making it phenomenal for summer. Continue Reading


Workout Wednesday: Flyers! You Need This Workout!!

Hey flyers! Danielle here form CHEERFIT ( and flyers, today I am talking to
YOU! I bet you are tired of stretching for HOURS and not seeing much improvement, right? Don’t sweat
it… listen up, we’ve got your answer!!

In addition to stretch, you NEED to focus on flexibility EXERCISES that improve your range of motion and
strength… Yes, stretching is important… but so are THESE 4 exercises specifically designed for your cheer
goals in mind. This week, we are focusing on lower back flexibility, hamstring & hip flexibility, and core
strength! So join us!


– Single leg deadlifts
– Plank leg lifts
– Superman v-ups
– Single leg hamstring lifts

Complete each exercise for 10 reps, repeat 4 rounds! We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram &
the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining #CHEERFITSTRONG

For more awesome workouts and to get complete access to the bonus workout videos for this exercise,
check out what being a CHEERFIT Ambassador is all about ( See you in

If You Wouldn’t Say It To Others…

Strangers Get Real About Body Image

What if you criticised a stranger the way you criticise yourself?

Posted by BBC Three on Monday, January 22, 2018


This post has been going viral on Facebook and for good reason… if you would ‘t say such harsh things to a stranger, why do we think it’s ok to say it to ourselves?

In competitive cheerleading, we focus a lot on image. It’s easy to find flaws in routines or judge another team’s choice of hairstyle or makeup. We challenge all of YOU to focus on the positive and tell another team that you like their standing tumbling choreography, or their dance was fierce–even that you like their shade of lipstick!