People: Netflix’s Latest Docuseries Profiles Competitive College Cheerleaders — and It’s Streaming Now

From People

The world of competitive cheerleading is getting another moment in the spotlight, 20 years after Bring It On first highlighted a dramatized version of the grueling and intense sport.

Netflix’s newest documentary series, Cheer, hit the streaming site on Wednesday, and profiles the cheerleaders at Navarro College in Corsicana, Texas.

The community college has won the college National Championship 14 times, and the team is led by coach Monica Aldama. Their journey for another title is highlighted in the series, which is directed by the team behind documentary Last Chance U. Continue Reading

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘Cheer’: TV Review

From The Hollywood Reporter

The team behind Netflix’s ‘Last Chance U’ heads to Navarro College in Texas for a six-episode look at the world of competitive cheerleading.

With audiences facing another desultory slate of midseason broadcast premieres and looking for programming to cheer about, perhaps it’s not a coincidence that we’ve had an odd pocket of superb recent shows focusing on, yes, the high-intensity world of competitive cheerleading.

USA’s Dare Me, a cheerleading thriller about obsession, teens gone bad and the excitement of making Regionals, is already one of the new year’s most pleasant surprises, a juicy show that will surely find an audience at some point, even if it’s on the wrong network premiering at the wrong time.

Differently terrific, but probably more immediately suited to its environment, is Netflix’s Cheer. Hailing from some of the same team behind Netflix’s excellent Last Chance UCheer takes a similar docudrama approach to junior college cheerleading. Maybe a little hard sell is required to convince the Last Chance U audience that they want to dedicate six hours to being told that cheerleading is serious business, but it probably shouldn’t. Cheer is an utterly convincing portrait of what is unquestionably a real, and absurdly dangerous, sport complete with compelling stories that actually make it much more emotional and more exciting than the past couple Last Chance U seasons. Continue Reading

Keeping Your Skin Healthy While Flying

Whether it’s a quick getaway or traveling for comps, most of us are going to get on a plane in the next few months. The dry air of planes combined with the cold, winter air? DISASTER! We can’t avoid flying, but you CAN avoid the breakouts and flaky skin with these five easy tips:


Start hydrating BEFORE you fly

Being hydrated needs consistency, and making sure you’re drinking enough water in the days leading up to your flight will help your skin prepare for the dehydration. Even better than water is coconut water! No amount of creams or lotions can compete with being hydrated from within.

Prep for your flight

Before heading to the airport, prep your skin by washing with a hydrating, soap-free cleanser (we love The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser) and following with your usual skincare routine sans makeup. A face moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid can help keep your skin hydrated.

Keep it up inflight!

Keep up your liquid intake, even if it means you have to use those tiny restrooms more often! With all the germs in the air, it will also help you to keep flushing out your system with fluids—and keep it up for a few hours after your flight! It’s best to avoid caffeine the day you fly if possible, caffeine is a diuretic and can add to the dehydrating effects of flying.

Skincare inflight

The air inside a plane is a lot drier than we experience normally (20% humidity vs 30-60%) and the air is recirculated, meaning germs galore! Try to avoid touching your face inflight, touch up the hydration with mists and sprays (we love Evian Water and Mario Badescu rosewater) and wash your hands before applying rich face creams. Humectant masks aren’t the best as they work by drawing moisture from the air—in a dry plane environment, they may draw moisture from deep layers of your skin, leaving you feeling drier!

Hit the ground running

Once you touch down and check in to your hotel (or wherever you’re going!) go through your skincare routine again, taking extra care to ensure you’ve washed away all traces of the plane from your skin. A face mask to draw impurities from your pores can be helpful to prevent breakouts from all the plane germs, as well as a Salycic Acid spot treatment. Or use Sunday Riley’s U.F.O. Acne Treatment Face Oil to hydrate and blast blemishes all in one. As always, use a good moisturizer with SPF before you go out in the sun!


How to Adult: Cooking on a College Budget

My mom is an amazing cook. It’s effortless. And delicious. My kitchen skills are more… hmmm… underwhelming. But it was a skill I had to learn when I left home and went to college, got my own apartment and realized the meal plan didn’t apply to those living off campus.

One thing my mom did teach me was that simple things can be great. And that no one knows or cares that you secretly like eating “insert-cheap-weird-but-delicious-food-here” (hers is spam).

So, below are my basic rules for budget-friendly grocery shopping AND cooking at home. Continue Reading

College Budget Blues

One of the biggest culture shocks of college is how much it costs to uh… literally stay alive. From basic food and bills to a social life and the cost of textbooks, suddenly the budget you thought could stretch isn’t looking quite so flexible. Here are some tips to make the adjustment to balancing life and financial responsibility!

Use your student ID.

There are so many national chains and local businesses that will help our college students with discounts, deals, and giveaways. Join UNiDAYS for daily deals and offers on EVERYTHING from makeup to clothes, tech, food, and travel.

Borrow, rent or download that book.

Textbooks are one of the biggest unexpected expenses in college, there’s always one more that you didn’t account for, and of course, that one is going to be $500. Check out this post from Book Riot and use ALL their tips to get those textbook prices down.
Continue Reading

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Hands up if your car/bedroom/dorm/backpack is full of empty plastic water bottles? Guilty!

Here are three easy ways to change your habits and reduce your impact on the planet!

Continue Reading

Hydrate Me

Study Tips to Start NOW!

It’s your first class of the day and you’re too tired to think, or third period and you realize the class is waiting for you to answer a question you didn’t even hear, or after lunch and you’re thinking about cheer practice… if this is you the first few weeks of school, how are you going to keep up your grades all this year? Competition season is coming up and the last thing you need is stress and worry about your grades when you’re getting ready to take on the mat.

Here are some super easy tips to concentrate in class and take your studying to level 5 (or y’know, level 1 because backwalkovers are hard and we all start somewhere).

Put away your tablet, or laptop in class.

Taking notes on paper, with a blue pen, has been shown to help students retain information. Taking away technology also removes other online and digital distractions, keeping your mind focussed on note-taking. Keep in mind not everyone takes notes the same way, using colors, pictures, different handwriting and visual-aids are just as legitimate as regular note-taking. Do what works best for you! Continue Reading

Trophies Pilot Shoot: the Deets! Your Questions Answered!

The next big show everyone will be watching…

Hollywood takes on competitive cheerleading, and this time they’re doing it right. Trust us, you want to be a part of this experience.

What’s the show about?

The young women of the world champion team, Cheer Legacy Athletics Lightning, have a reputation to protect—a reputation forged through triumph and tragedy. After back-to-back world championship wins in front of 50,000 screaming fans and an audience of 2 million on tv, the pressure is high to win again. But when their beloved coach Leslie Day collapses at Nationals from an aneurysm, they are left grieving and without a leader… wondering if this sport that they’ve given up everything for is worth it.

Enter Caroline Marshall, a broke and disgraced former world-champion caliber coach, and co-founder of Cheer Legacy Athletics. Today, she is scraping by at a job she hates after being pushed out of the industry ten years ago because of her addiction issues. Now sober, she’s trying to keep her head above water. Initially coaxed back into the industry after ten years by her sister, Caroline ultimately decides to go back to Cheer Legacy to finish the season for Leslie; but Cheer Legacy is also her sister’s biggest rival gym.

As the Legacy Lightning cheerleaders attempt to regain their world champion title during a season rife with conflict, loss, parental interference, and the trappings of cheerlebrity, Caroline finds purpose in leading these elite athletes, reigniting their passion for a sport they all love. Even more than most, the precision sport of cheerleading doesn’t have room for the individual greatness, only excellence in service to the team. It is a test of letting go. Letting go of the past, of the future, of the ego, of those you love, and of those you hate.

What’s the audition process?

  1. Upload a Slate Video to Instagram! This is a quick little introduction to you (first name, cheer and tumbling experience, fave cheer memory, why you’re excited about the show)! Show your personality and be natural, we want to see who YOU are. Tag @trophiestv and @cheerlifeapp and save to your highlights.
  2. Fill in and submit this form. It’s super important you do this so we have all your details and you don’t get lost in the hundreds of IG accounts we’re looking at.
  3. Submit your tumbling/stunting video (if you want) by uploading it to YouTube and send the links to You can also post these to Insta and tag us, but we need them emailed to match them to your application form.
  4. Some people will get invited to audition for specific roles and will have to practice and make an acting audition tape to send to the director.

Everyone who wants to be a background extra can come! You get to do the acting intensive, meet agents and take acting classes, and be on a real film set! No special auditions needed 🙂 Just send an email to trophies@thespiritapps with the subject line “Sign Me Up! Background Extra and Acting Intensive” and let us know your name and age. We’ll send you the deets including cost involved! Continue Reading

Slate Video Tips and Tricks!

Excited to audition for the Trophies casting but feel a bit silly or weird in front of the camera? Here are our fave tips and tricks from acting pros to help you out!

Use your phone or tablet

No need for a fancy video camera, the quality from your phone is perfect and you can easily upload it to your IG stories and highlights right after!

Find a quiet room

Not only will you be less distracted and better able to focus, but your voice will be clearer. Nothing kills focus like your little brother or the TV blaring! Continue Reading

Ever Dreamed of Being on a Real Film Set?

Cheerleaders, Coaches, Moms and Dads!

Have you ever dreamed of being on a real film set as an actor or athlete?

This may be your big opportunity!

You’ll work with professional actors, directors, crew, and choreographers on a real set in Los Angeles to bring the story of a fictional, world-champion all-star team to life!


In the style of the beloved tv show Friday Night Lights, Trophies explores what it’s really like to compete a flawless, worlds-winning routine, and the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get to 2:30 of perfection. It truly takes a community to win worlds, and the community in Trophies learns that although we as individuals may be flawed, together we can be perfect… and not just on Instagram!