Climate Strike 2019

High school students around the world took to the streets for a global #ClimateStrike to protest the inaction of political leaders to address what they see as the biggest threat to their lives. These students have lived through extreme weather conditions, from heat-waves, wildfires, floods and excessive cold snaps just in the last few years. By the time they are old enough to affect policy, they say it will be too late.

According to, an organization believing in a safe climate and better future, over one million students attended a strike today. Seventy percent of Americans now accept that climate change is happening, outnumbering those who don’t by a 5 to 1 ratio, according to a new survey by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish political activist seeking to stop global warming and halt climate change. She has been protesting outside her parliament every Friday since August 2018. This year, three Norwegian lawmakers nominated her a Nobel prize. The fifteen-year-old has been credited as the inspiration for the global student strike, a movement she says was inspired by the Parkland students who organized the March for Our Lives aimed at addressing gun violence in schools across America.

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It Gets Better Because of You

I was a thirteen-year-old girl once. I was also fourteen, and fifteen. At one time I suppose I was also twelve but I like to forget about that age because I had a really bad haircut. I was a teenager not too long ago, and I know you hear this all the time… whatever you’re dealing with, it gets better. It doesn’t get better at eighteen, or twenty-one, or sixteen when you get your license. It gets better NOW because you make the change and become a leader.

It’s fun and easy to gossip and trade the tea with each other because people are interesting. It’s why celebrity culture is such a big industry! It’s why we look up to Ryan and Kenley and want to know everything about their lives—trust me, those girls are sweet and nice and just the same as you… well if you have a double and can stick your leg behind your head. But girls scrutinize their every move waiting to catch them out, and they do that with their own friends, too. This behavior? It’s not good, it’s not healthy, and it doesn’t do anything to make you better than them. It does make you worse, though.

You know the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”

Yeah, that’s not something that comes easy to people, at any age. But it’s something we can fix. Because teenage girls aren’t inherently mean. And cheerleaders, despite the stereotypes, are really really good people. Continue Reading

Daddy, I Want a Pony!

Have you been spending countless hours studying for the SATS or PSATs and crying over college admission essays, or resenting the fact your parents aren’t rich enough to buy you a place? Welcome to the club! Here are some of the funniest takes on the Aunt Becky scandal, codenamed Operation Varsity Blues.

If there’s anything our generation does well, it’s making a meme out of injustice and scandal 🤣

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Ready to Sit Courtside?

Lakers vs. Kings at the Staples Center!

Uh, yes please!

Have you been sharing CheerLife to win two tickets to the Lakers vs. Kings game? If not, what are you waiting for?!

CheerLife is having a contest for those who share the app and get sign ups on CheerLife, they will enter to win 2 VIP TICKETS to watch Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

What do you get with this VIP experience? Glad you asked! You and your plus one, are not only sitting courtside 10 rows up, but you will also have full access to the VIP chairmen’s club, complimentary valet parking and a handler to help you navigate the event!

Game day is Sunday, March 24, 2019 at 6:30pm at the Staples Center. ARE YOU READYYYY?!

To enter to win, this lottery-style drawing, you have to DOWNLOAD AND SHARE CHEERLIFE and sign your friends and families up. Each sign up is equal to one ticket in the drawing. The more sign ups you have the better your chances of winning. The drawing starts March 1st and the winner will be announced March 18th!

Please note: You must share from your own profile to be entered to win. See examples below on how to share the app!

Bee the Zero

Excite! Cheer in Highland Village, Texas has a theme for their gym every season that inspires their drive for the year. For the 2018-19 season, it’s a “Bee” theme, adding yellow to the traditional black and red colors of the gym.

With the Bee theme, they inspire their kids to Bee confident, Bee better, and Bee the change they want to see. And it’s BEEn one of the most successful seasons to date! With the culmination of NCA Nationals this past weekend, Excite! had beautiful, technical routines across all levels, with 10 zero deduction routines across 12 performances! In fact, they accrued just 1 point in deductions combined from their 6 teams with their small junior 3 team walking away with jackets and senior restricted 5 earning silver with a score just 0.03 behind first.

Congrats Excite! and we’re excited to see y’all take the climb at The Summit!

That Senior Elite Love

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite has a cult following and it’s not hard to see why. The decorated team is adored by fans almost as much as they are adored by their coach, Courtney Smith-Pope. Although they have never won NCA (large senior is a bloodbath!) the tradition and the love they inspire is an experience like no other.

Whether it’s the love letter CSP writes to each girl on this team every year before this event (and now publishes on Facebook so we, too, can feel the love!) or the Celine Dion inspired ballads that drive the routine, SE is that team.

Watch this video from their gym videographer, John Tilley, of the entire arena singing along to their routine. Hitting zero with your 37 best friends and this kind of support feels like a win to us!

If you wonder why we like All Star Cheer so much…. listen to this crowd of THOUSANDS sing our teams song while they hit their routine! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Courtney Smith-Pope Betsy Smith

Posted by Johnny N Angie Tilley on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Break a Hip! Get Pregnant.

This awesome new feature will be hitting theatres this May! Perfect timing to wind down from the 18-19 season and get psyched for tryouts 🤣

Now, who’s having an 18+50 team we can join 🤔


Trailer: 'Poms'

Diane Keaton takes on retirement communities and cheerleading in 'Poms' trailer. Watch:

Posted by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Workout Wednesday


To get higher jumps you need… power, technique, endurance, and flexibility! And this workout does it all! .
TAG a friend 👯‍♀️and do this workout tonight. Let’s get it!


1️⃣ Turbo Lunges I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = lower body, core & cardio
2️⃣ Jump Squats I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = legs & cardio
3️⃣ Leg Lifts I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = core
4️⃣ Straddle Leg Lifts I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = hip flexors
❌Warning – sky high jumps are a result of doing this workout😉! Time to rock it #cheerfitstrong.


Yeah, AirPods are cool, but have you ever silenced an entire youth 3 team on your flight with the flick of a switch? Welcome to the wonderful world of noise-canceling headphones!!

How do they work?

When activated, a tiny microphone picks up noise and sends out a sound wave frequency that cancels out ambient noise around you. This can be engine noise from a plane, crowds in an airport, shrieks from an excited child, or everything at a cheer competition.

Why do you need them?

With extraneous noise eliminated, you can listen to things you actually want to hear without turning up the volume, which can cause permanent damage to your audio receptors.

Or, you can sit in blissful silence, eyeing off the chaos around you. 

But the main draw behind noise-canceling headphones is reducing noise-fatigue. Noise-fatigue can display in many symptoms, including sensitivity to sound, headaches, irritability, and general tiredness. Sound familiar? Yep, that’s your cheer hangover! Combine these with noise-reducing earplugs and your nationals season is going to be bliss.

 The price tag is worth it, your ears will thank you!


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Ear, Hear!

We’ve been to enough competitions to know that we all need some help, especially in the hearing department. While thumping bass and loud music adds to the environment and excitement of competition, nothing adds to the cheer comp hangover than a bit of tinnitus. Our staff dropped their fave noise-reducing earplug picks after the jump so you can walk into the Arena and secure your front-row seat for the whole day knowing you won’t have to get up to give your ears a break!

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