Jeff’s Tips to Make the Most of Camp Week

Everyone who’s been to a UCA College Camp knows how intense those 4 days can be. You’re trying new skills, working with new teammates and learning how to perform as a team in long two-a-day practices.

Jeff Webb, founder of UCA, is on the UCA College Camp circuit this summer; meeting, coaching and working along with the UCA staff to train athletes from colleges all across America.

He opened up with some tips for cheerleaders attending the UCA camp at the University of Alabama today and we’re here to share them with you! Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday!

ARE YOU READY for what @cheerfittraining has got in store for you today??

It’s #WorkoutWednesday and time to get your jump technique ON👊! We’re revved up and ready to go with the top 4 exercises to help you advance…


✔️Jump Height


✔️Body Control

Ohhhh it’s a good one and it’s all right HERE💥! Complete each exercise for 15 reps x 3 rounds and get your how-to videos in the CHEERFIT Club 👉 #ambassadorperks!!

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone! Today we’re talking about failure. I’ve previously posted about the topic of failure but today I’m going to condense it down to 3 main reasons why I personally think it is so important.


The only way to build and gain experience is to be consistent and studious. There is no doubt that while you build that experience you will fail many times. The failure is essential because it creates a deeper understanding of your craft and allows us to self-reflect which in turn opens the path to continual improvement. I have personally failed at many competitions. I’ve also done very well at some too. But the experience gained through failure has taught me that the successful comps were made possible because of the unsuccessful ones. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday!

Wish you knew how to GET THE PERFECT TOE TOUCH??

Look no further my friend – our friends @cheerfittraining have got you covered with the BEST of the best exercise combos for you to stretch and strengthen your way to a perfect toe touch🙋‍♀️!! 15 reps x 3 rounds and get your how-to videos in the CHEERFIT Club 👉

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday!

The phrase “how you train is how you compete” is absolutely true. Since there is no substitute for a competitive environment in most gyms, athletes have to place themselves in that environment. Visualising the gym as a comp venue and placing artificial pressure on yourself can help you adapt to the high pressure of competition environments. What you put in is what you get out!!

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Angel Rice Makes History

The industry’s powerhouse tumbler known for her iconic kick double pass on Stingray Allstars Steel has been named to the senior U.S. National Team for Trampoline and Tumbling!

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Those Lazy Hazy Summer Dayz

Getting bored of summer already? Did you have plans to get a million things done and have accomplished absolutely nothing? It’s easy to get lost in the long sunny days, letting the days float into weeks into months… and what do you have to show for it apart from poppin’ tan lines?!

Adding a routine can actually help you get some stuff done by making you do, well, stuff. Make the best of the rest of summer by adding a simple monthly routine. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday!

SKYROCKET🚀 your jumps..literally..with @cheerfittraining Fourth of July JUMP WORKOUT🎇💥

**How to videos for each exercise inside the CHEERFIT Club 👉 (#ambassadorperks). Complete each exercise for 12 reps x 3 rounds..GO!

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday: Extra Activities

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone! On today’s edition of Stunt Tip Tuesday, we’re having a look at sports or activities outside of cheer that can improve your stunting. The following 3 activities are what I personally believe can help you greatly with your stunting



The quick reflexes, fast-twitch movements, and precision required in sports such as basketball, tennis, rugby & AFL are all required for stunting. The ability to catch and throw balls efficiently can significantly improve your hand-eye coordination and furthermore your hand speed. These abilities can lead to enhancements in your stunting technique – the faster we can react with precision, the sooner we can get onto a flyer’s foot and therefore hit the stunt. Continue Reading

Love, Mom*

My daughter decided it was time to leave all-star cheerleading behind, and I wasn’t ready.

For years, all-star cheerleading has been our common ground. When I didn’t understand that she had to cross the road to catch a critter on Pokémon Go, or why one type of notebook was no longer cool, at least I understood cheerleading. I knew which brand of shoe she loved, I knew how to do her hair and makeup flawlessly—even after she was old enough to do it herself. I knew which bows needed to go on her cheer bag for competition luck, and exactly how many pixie-stix her stunt group needed to get them from meet-time to the mat. In a time where everything was pulling my teenage daughter away from me, all-star cheer kept us close. Continue Reading