Workout Wednesday!

Hey guys! Danielle here, the founder of CHEERFIT ( and fitness expert for cheerleaders.


Today we are chatting all about our CORE – because when you have a strong core, you have a strong EVERYTHING! With a stronger core, you will be sure to improve your jumps, tumbling, stunting and THAT’S #cheerfitstrong!


This week’s #WORKOUTWEDNESDAY is designed with our top 4 favorite core exercises…that really work! Complete each exercise for 12 reps, repeat 4 rounds.


Workout Plan:
– Scissors
– Double Crunches
– Burpees to a T
– Negative Crunches


We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community! Upload your workout selfie and tag @cheerfittraining #CHEERFITSTRONG


The Importance of Basics

by Andrea McBride


Many times, athletes will progress their abilities in certain skills only to regress later and become frustrated not being able to fix it. Often, it’s because basic, fundamental drills are being skipped in order to get straight to the more difficult and challenging skills at practice.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that even world class athletes warm up with their most basic skills at practice. They do this because they know those are the foundation for their entire set of abilities. So while handstand hops or cradle timers may not seem like a priority to you, they’re absolutely imperative to keeping you and your teammates at the top of your game.

Need some ideas to make practicing your fundamentals fun? Here is a list of things you can do alone or with your team to reinforce perfection of those basic skills every week. Continue Reading

OSU Spirit!

Who doesn’t love pretty girls with skill and heart? We’re all about the attitudes of these Beaver cheerleaders and their care for the next generation!

For more info, check out their website

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How to Cope with the Aged-Out Blues

by Kylee Winnett

Whether you’ve cheered for one season or since your pom poms were bigger than your body, all cheerleaders share a common dread of the day they’ll age off of their team. It is difficult to walk away from a sport that requires so much time, money, passion, and dedication- especially if it has been a central aspect of your life for a long time. But, have no fear! All cheerleaders must cope with the aged-out blues eventually, so you’re not alone. 

Here are some helpful tips (tried and tested by yours truly!) to make the transition from athlete to alum go a bit smoother. Continue Reading

7 Ways to Make Practice More Enjoyable

by Amber Neal


As athletes and coaches, we know how tiring practice can be. We also know that practice is the most crucial part of cheerleading! Whether it’s preparing for a big rivalry game, nerve-racking competition, or anything in between – practice is a MUST!

But how do we make it enjoyable? This is the question that typically haunts coaches through their entire career. When you have a big pep rally coming up and you have to hit that awesome new pyramid in front of the entire school. When you have regionals coming up and you have to hit a flawless routine to make it on to state. Even when you have new skills you would like to perfect before camp. Stressful situations can cause tension within your team, dull the mood of practice, and potentially ruin your athlete’s love for cheerleading! Continue Reading

Perfection vs. Progression

by Andrew Villanueva


When I was young, my parents enrolled me in gymnastics. For the first few years, I stayed in the recreational program. As I progressed, I was eventually allowed to compete. Even when you are young, competitive gymnastics is serious. It requires countless hours put in week after week. Typically, the minimum will be somewhere around nine hours a week. I bring this up because gymnasts have what seems to be an unlimited amount of hours to perfect their craft. For this reason, the sport demands perfection before progression. If there is a commonality between every gymnastics coach you meet, it is that one. On the contrary, all star cheerleading coaches typically have to choose which philosophy they want to implement in their programs: perfection or progression. Continue Reading

Happy Girl Scout Cookie Day!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already done with my New Year’s resolutions because heeeyyyooo January 3rd is the start of Girl Scout Cookie season!!

Are you a Girl Scout and a cheerleader? Head over to our IG @CheerDailyNews and enter our competition!

When you purchase Girl Scout Cookies, you’re helping the next generation of girl entrepreneurs get an important taste of what it takes to be successful- teamwork, planning, and a positive outlook. Sounds a bit like cheerleading! Continue Reading

Don’t Let Go of What You Have

by Alex Diaz


To the cheerleader wondering if it’s time to turn in their uniform,

I left. But I came back. It is easy to wake up one morning and decide that competitive cheerleading just isn’t for you anymore, but what you don’t know is how hard it is to sit and watch from the sidelines when all you’ve ever known is the stage. Every cheerleader has their doubts. “Is it worth it?” “Is this really how I want to be spending all of my time?” And, in these moments of doubt, I implore you to remember. Remember what it feels like when you get a new tumbling skill. Remember what it feels like to hit your stunt for the first time. Remember what it feels like under the bright lights. Most importantly, remember what it feels like to have a family outside of your home.
Continue Reading

College Tryout Checklist

by Melissa Hay


At every College Game, you see the cheer team on the sidelines cheering for your favorite team. Whether coed or all girl, the fun of cheering your team onto victory and the thrill of being in front of thousands of people who simultaneously want to cheer with you is an experience unlike any other in cheerleading.  The energy of the game, tumbling, stunting and crowd leading are part of college gameday tradition.  So you want to be a college cheerleader? What and how do you go about living your dream?
Continue Reading

How to Manage College Application Stress

As the New Year approaches, there are likely a lot of things on your mind: the holidays, winter break, your personal goals for 2017… and college applications. For many schools, the regular decision application deadline is January 1, and plenty more follow soon after. That reminder alone can be overwhelming but, regardless of where you are in your application process, you don’t have to succumb to the stress that could easily come with those deadlines. Ahead, find 10 tips from experts on how to stay relaxed, productive, and positive as you approach the home stretch. Continue Reading