Turrrrkey Drop

You had the time of your lives over summer. It was idyllic. Long days, warm nights, tan skin and fairy lights. Your IG posts were fire. Then college came and you went off to different towns, football games, bonfire nights. He sent you a hoodie which you wear to bed- and to class when you sleep through your alarm. You send him love notes which get sent less often. Tests start, classes actually require attention and homework. Your social life on campus fills up the rest of your time. And suddenly it’s Thanksgiving and you’re both going to be back in your hometown.

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Find Inner Peace with Headphones

You can pick your seat, you can request that upgrade, you can get TSA precheck and you can still have the sick baby or junior 1 team hyped on pixie sticks seated next to you, determined to bring your travel nightmares to reality… let me welcome you to the peaceful world of noise-canceling headphones. Continue Reading


Shoe Karma

If shoes have soles, then they must have karma. Now before you laugh, just consider the religious lengths women go through to save a good pair of pumps.

The other day I was driving through a torrential rainstorm. As my car approached the intersection, I was absolutely amazed how three different women pulled their shoes off and tucked them under their shirts and waded through the water barefooted to keep their sacred steppers from getting wet. These women were determined; nothing of the water variety was going to happen to their babies.

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Get Your School Ready For Friday Night Lights

Taylor Ray gives some pro-tips on getting your school spirit pumping for Friday Night Lights! Get hyped now so homecoming will be a breeze!


The moment you get the football schedule, get with your squad to paint large signs and make locker posters for each game. Hang your masterpieces in the halls of the school and on the fence around the football field to show school pride. This is also a great way to keep everyone in the know of who your team is playing and where the game is that week.

Pro tip: Hold a painting party with your squad to paint all the signs you will need for the season so that you aren’t rushing to paint something every week. Continue Reading

Sophia Bush Drops Truths About Birth Control being Basic Healthcare

There are major misconceptions about birth control and what women use it for. Yes, pregnancy prevention is a reason, but it’s not the only one. It’s time to listen to what Sophia Bush is saying and start believing that access to contraception is basic health care.

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Top 75 Colleges to Cheer

by Alex Gillespie


We’re excited to present an updated (and expanded) Top Colleges to Cheer for 2017. Our 2016 “Top 40 Colleges to Cheer” went viral and saw well over 125,000 readers! We’ve made a commitment to ranking colleges by a variety of factors. It’s not about who wins the most or who has the coolest uniforms or whatever criteria you have seen before. We looked at all aspects of various programs to create our Top 75 ranking. This information was compiled using school’s websites, competition results and the 2016 Cheer Scholarship Guide. Continue Reading

IASF Announces Official Competition Divisions and Scoring System

Memphis, TN – The International All Star Federation (IASF), the leading organization for international Club Cheer and Dance teams, has released its official list of competition divisions for the global All-Star community. The IASF also said it plans to release its new scoring system by October 15, 2017.

The IASF, formerly part of the US All Star Federation, became a separate entity in 2016 with the goal of providing common divisions and scoring for the international community. The newly developed competition divisions and scoring system are designed to promote consistency and growth across the globe. The new divisions, now available at www.IASFworlds.com, closely resemble current IASF Worlds divisions in team size and score sheet. Now event producers around the globe will have the opportunity to add these divisions to their existing competitions.

The new IASF Scoring System will serve as the standard for international All-Star competition and will allow developing countries more opportunities to enter the competitive field. The system is designed to encourage the incorporation of creativity and individual cultures into routine choreography.

“The International All Star Federation is dedicated to the worldwide expansion of our sport, and we believe the introduction of these new standards will provide the structure and consistency needed to open the door for more international competition worldwide,” Les Stella, IASF Secretary-General.

About the IASF
The IASF is the leading organization for All-Star (club) cheerleading and dance teams. The IASF was previously a part of the USASF. Starting in March of 2016, the IASF became a separate entity and will move forward on a global course. With the help of the global cheer and dance community, the IASF will help provide common ground for all countries involved in ALl Star programs. For more information on the International All Star Federation please visit http://www.iasfworlds.com.

Contact: Les Stella, Secretary General

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Transitioning from Flyer to Base

by Kayla Wygal


There is a physically and emotionally draining time in everyone’s life when everything begins to change. Mere mention of these changes is awkward and uncomfortable. Some experience these changes earlier than others, and in rare cases, some need assistance from doctors to “change.” Girls and boys alike go through this time period; once it hits, there’s no going back. So, what are these awful-sounding changes? You guessed it – puberty. Continue Reading

Cheerleading: Is It Worth It?

by Teighlyr Sullivan and Shane Womack


Cheerleading is competitive. Cheerleading is difficult. Cheerleading is unpredictable.

That’s why it’s time to recognize that this sport will give back as much as you put into it. Athletes all over the globe become ‘obsessed’ with the sport because it’s challenging, inspiring, and constantly evolving. Seasoned cheerleaders would also agree it’s one of the few sports that you actually have to come together as a team to be truly successful. All these reasons are exactly the reason why it was recently recognized with potential Olympic sport status. Continue Reading

If Your Child Doesn’t Make The Team

The roster is posted.

Your child didn’t make the team.

All of his or her friends did.

Despite staring at the results for several minutes, their name does not magically appear. Your child is devastated. Your heart breaks for them.

This is a monumental parenting moment.

7 Must-Do’s When Your Child Doesn’t Make the Team

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