Is Cheer Losing its Transparency?

by Bill Presson

Imagine a football game where the crowd can’t see the score until it’s posted on a website later in the week.
Imagine a basketball game without any box score showing totals for baskets or free throws or fouls.
Imagine a baseball game without statistics on hits, runs or errors.
Imagine a gymnastics meet without announcing the score after each routine.

It’s ridiculous and none of us would accept any of the above situations under any circumstances. But that’s what parents and fans of all-star cheer face every single competition. Continue Reading

The Power of Consistency


At Navarro Junior College, every single day leading up to NCA College Nationals, Coach Monica Aldama would have the entire team warm up in the exact same order and manner. After warm up we would take the speaker and walk to the campus clock tower. The reason we walked to the clock tower was to prepare us; soon it would be the day of competition when we would walk to the band shell and take the floor. We were being conditioned. Nothing about the day of the competition in Daytona Beach would be different than the consistency of our countless practice days. We would warm up the same way, walk the same way, do our routine the same way and there was no reason to be nervous because we had already lived and practiced this day over and over again in Corsicana, TX.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

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Trust the Process

by Lisa Aucoin


If you’re even a little bit involved with cheerleading, you’ve probably seen the phrase “trust the process” everywhere on your timelines this week. Many of you may look at this and see it as reassurance that everything will be ok. If you are a coach, you may repeat it to a parent – hoping they will understand there is a bigger plan at stake. You may overhear it between parents saying it to each other as they try to understand why their child didn’t make the team of their dreams. In some cases, it may even come out of the mouth of the children we coach who are encouraged to celebrate every step of the journey, as they should!

But this buzz word/catch phrase for all its pleasant intent is really a battle cry. A plea if you will. The fact that we even have to use it at all, is quite sad. Continue Reading

New Divisions Added to Cheerleading Worlds

Each year following The Cheerleading and Dance World Championship, the Worlds Advisory Board (WAB) reviews successes, opportunities for improvement, and new ideas for the following year. Because 2017-18 team placements and tryouts are in process, this new information is time sensitive as programs plan for next season. (Dance Worlds Divisions and Categories for 2018 will be released in early June.)
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The Large Senior Curse Lives On

For years, rumors have swirled around the cheer industry about a “Large Senior Curse” for the L5 Large Senior All Girl division.

The curse is fairly simple: “If you win NCA, you won’t win Worlds.”

After a very successful season of not only winning NCA, but taking the Varsity Triple Crown (winning CHEERSPORT, NCA and UCA All Star titles) this season, it looked as though Orange would be on track to take home the coveted win in this division at the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds. Continue Reading

The Large Senior Curse Lives On

For years, rumors have swirled around the cheer industry about a “Large Senior Curse” for the L5 Large Senior All Girl division.

The curse is fairly simple: “If you win NCA, you won’t win Worlds.”

After a very successful season of not only winning NCA, but taking the Varsity Triple Crown (winning CHEERSPORT, NCA and UCA All Star titles) this season, it looked as though Orange would be on track to take home the coveted win in this division at the 2017 Cheerleading Worlds.

The Orange Rays were going into Finals in third place, which isn’t uncommon for any team in this division to go in as an underdog on Day 1 and swoop in with a buzz worthy performance on Day 2. But, after a few stunt falls in finals, it was clear that the curse lived on for our Orange Rays.

World Cup Shooting Stars ended up on top as World Champion this season, but let’s be honest, it’s almost always a toss up in the Large Senior L5 division when these ladies put on a show. This Worlds Championship was one for the history books as we saw amazing performances from Senior Elite, Panthers, AND F5.

2017 Cheerleading Worlds Results

The USASF Cheerleading Worlds Championship is held annually at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Twelve divisions make up the elite championship for all star cheerleading for Level 5 and Level 6 athletes from around the globe. Continue Reading

2017 Cheerleading Worlds Results

The USASF Cheerleading Worlds Championship is held annually at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. Twelve divisions make up the elite championship for all star cheerleading for Level 5 and Level 6 athletes from around the globe.

Senior Small All Girl L5:

Finalists –
ICE – Lady Lightning
2. Woodlands Elite – Generals
3. Central Jersey All Stars – Bombshells
4. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh – SSX
5. The California All Stars – Lady Bullets
6. East Celebrity Elite – CT – Fame
7. The Stingray All Stars – Apple
8. Top Gun All Stars  – Angels
9. Twist & Shout – Muskogee – Lady Eve
10. KC Cheer – FEARLESS

Prelims & Semi Finalists –
11. Champion Cheer – Heat
12. Cheer Athletics  – OnyxCats
13. Green Bay Elite All-Stars – Lime
14. Midwest Cheer Elite – Femme Feline
15. All Star Legacy – Lady X
16. Georgia Heat – Inferno
17. World Cup – BLACKOUT
18. Rain Athletics – Aqua
19. Greensboro All Star Cheerleading – Diamond Elite
20. PCT Cobras (Canada) – Vengeance
21. Cheer Express Allstars – Miss Silver
22. Jersey Pride – Liberty
23. All Star One – Lady Bang
24. ICON Cheer – Lady Envy
25. Elite Heat All-Stars – 24K
26. Spirit Central – Bengals
27. Step One North – Phenom
28. Fire & Ice Allstars – 5 Alarm
29. Cheer Legendz – Pumaz
30. Cheer Factor – X-Factor
31. Cheer Intensity All-Stars – Lady Lions
32. Twisters – Gold
33. Fire House Gym – Lady Boom
34. Pacific Coast Magic – Southern CA – Fantasy
35. Bravo All Stars – Queen B’s
36. River City Allstars – Lady Sizzle
37. USA Starz – Vanity
38. Premier Athletics – Michigan Xtreme – Lady Legacy
39. Midwest Xplosion – Blackout
40. Kansas City Athletic Cheer – KCAC Platinum
41. New York Icons – Empire
42. Fire & Ice Allstars – Lady Ice
43. Star Athletics – Senior Red
44. Ohio Extreme – Queens
45. Full House All Stars – Lady Sharks
46. Revolution Athletics – Revolution

Senior Medium All Girl L5:

Finalists –
1. East Celebrity Elite – M5 Bombshells
2. Spirit of Texas – A-Team
3. Top Gun All Stars – Lady Jags
4. The Stingray All Stars – Peach
5. FAME All Stars – Super Seniors
6. Elite Cheer – Stars
7. New Jersey Spirit Explosion – FAB5
8. Ultimate Athletics – Legacy
9. World Cup – Suns
10. South Jersey Storm – Lady Reign

Prelims & Semi Finalists –
Twist & Shout – Obsession
12. The California All Stars – Aces
13. Cheer Athletics  – AthenaCats
14. ICE – Weather Girls
15. Cheers & More – Lady Respect
16. Cheer Extreme – Waldorf – Shade
17. World Cup – Zenith
18. Cheer Extreme – Chicago – Passion
19. FCA Gems – Diamonds
20. American Elite Allstars – Celebrity
21. Cheer Extreme – Charlotte – Lady Elite
22. Woodlands Elite – G.I. Janes
23. Platinum Athletics – PAC5
24. Brandon All-Stars – Senior Pink
25. Cheer Sport Sharks (Canada) – Smallfin Sharks
26. Connect Cheer  – C5
27. Cheer City United – Lady Titans

 Senior Large All Girl L5:

Finalists –
 .World Cup – Shooting Stars
2. Cheer Athletics – Panthers
3. Cheer Extreme – Senior Elite
4. Maryland Twisters – F5
5. The Stingray Allstars – Orange
6. ACE Cheer Company – Chiefs
7. Pittsburgh Superstars – Supermodels
8. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Obsession
9. Hotcheer AllStars – HOT5
10. Cheerleading Coyotes (Canada) – Wonder Pack
11. Cheer Savannah Allstars – Lady Lace

Senior Small Coed L5:

Finalists –
Brandon All-Stars – Senior Black
2. Prodigy All Stars – Midnight
4. The California All Stars – SMOED
5. Twist & Shout – Tulsa – Diamonds
6. Central Jersey All Stars – Team Gunz
7. ICE – Thunder
8. World Cup – Odyssey
9. Vizion – 20/20
10. CheerForce  – Blackout

Prelims & Semi Finalists –
Cheer Central Suns – Revolution
12. Woodlands Elite – Recon
13. ACX – Kat Daddies
14. Maryland Twisters – Blackout
15. Macs Allstar Cheer – Senior Starz
16. Pro Athletics – PROED
17. Ohio Extreme – Royal Vibe
18. Louisiana Cheer Force – Gold
19. Cheer World – Omega
20. Cheer Athletics – Charlotte – RoyalCats
21. Stars Vipers – Royal Cobras
22. Five Star Athletics – Dream
23. Georgia All Stars – Coed 5
24. Florida Top Dog All Stars – RAIN
25. Premier Athletics – Knoxville West – Great White Sharks
26. Desert Storm Elite – Rage
27. East Celebrity Elite – CT – Empire
28. GymTyme Illinois – FEVER
29. Tribe Cheer – Chiefs
30 TIE. Tiger Elite – Fierce 5
30 TIE. Bay State All Stars – Surge
32. FCA Gems – Onyx
33. Maryland Twisters – Cobalt
34. Indiana Ultimate – U5
35. New York Icons – Perfection
36. Charlotte All Stars – Teal
37. Tumble Tech – Alpha
38. Rock Starz All Stars – Diamonds
39. Island Xtreme – Legacy
40. Macs Allstar Cheer – Obsession
41. All Star One  – Big Bang
42. Cheer Tyme – Obsession
43. USA! All Stars- Stafford – FEVER
44. Fusion All Stars – Inferno
45. Platinum Athletics – Onyx
46. Cheer Force Arkansas – Falcons
47. Flip City All Stars – Blackout
48. Cheer St. Louis – Archangels
49. Titanium Athletics – Bionic
50. Cheer Extreme – Richmond – X5
51. Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading – Guardians
52. Thrive All Stars – Onyx

Senior Medium Coed L5:

Finalists –
The California All Stars – Black Ops
2. Rockstar Cheer – Beatles
3 TIE. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh – SMOEX
3 TIE. Maryland Twisters – Reign
5. Woodlands Elite – Black Ops
6. Spirit of Texas – Royalty
7. World Cup – Omni
8. Midwest Cheer Elite – Diamondkatz
9. Top Gun All Stars – Fierce 5
10. Core Athletix Rochester – Black Diamonds

*Ties are broken by deductions.

Prelims & Semi Finalists –
11. East Celebrity Elite – C5 Bomb Squad
12. GymTyme All-Stars – Platinum
13. CheerVille Athletics – Anarchy
14. Step One All Stars – XO
15. Gem of Champions – Black Diamond
16. Fire & Ice Allstars – Hail
17. Central Florida Athletics – Black JAX
18 TIE. State All Stars – Coed 5
18 TIE. Tribe Athletics – TRIBE-5
20. Ultimate Allstars – Super 5
21. Bama All Starz – Black Diamondz
22. ACX Diamonds – Diamond Daddies
23. Halifax Cheer Elite (Canada) – Blue Crew
24. Cheer Station – Flyers
25. Mississippi Gym of Dreams – Eclipse

Senior Large Coed L5:

Finalists –
The Stingray All Stars – Steel
2. Cheer Athletics – Cheetahs
3. Top Gun All Stars – TGLC
4. The California All Stars – Cali Coed
5. Cheer Extreme – Coed Elite
6. ACE Cheer Company – Warriors
7. ICE – Radar
8. FAME All Stars – Vengeance
9. Spirit Athletics – Affliction
10. Ultimate Athletics – Valor

Semi Finalists –
Pro Cheer – Eagles
12. Oregon Dream Teams – Dream
13. Cheer Eclipse – Comets
14. Shockwave All Stars – Code 5

International All Girl Open 5:

Finalists –
1. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Knockout
2. Cheer Sport Sharks (Canada) – Great White Sharks
3. The California All Stars – Sparkle
4. Cheer Extreme – Raleigh – Cougars
5. Unity Allstars (England) – Ruby
6. Desert Storm Elite – Bliss
7. Southern Cross Cheerleading (Australia) – SCC Lady Reign
8. Coventry Dynamite (England) – Lady Grenades
9. Rising Stars (England) – Ellipse
10. Queensland Cheer Elite (Australia) – Diamonds

Prelims & Semi Finalists –
Black Widow Cheer Gym (Canada) – Love
12. JASCF ELITE 5 (Japan)
13. Wildcats Leverkusen (Germany) – Wildcats IO5
14. Cheer Infinity Athletics (Sweden) – Envy
15. CLL Spurs (Germany) – CLL Spurs
16. Shine Allstars (Germany) – Shine Graces
17. Team Italy (Italy) – FISAC Wildcats
18. Charmers Cheerleading (Norway) – Charmers All Stars
19. OCT Galaxy (Norway) – Shine
20. Stavanger Diamonds Cheersport (Norway) – Silver Diamonds
21. Team Netherlands (Netherlands) – Frisian Cheer Stars
22. Colombian All Stars (Colombia) – Coas
23. Vienna Pirates (Austria) – R’n’P Black Ocean
24.   South Africa National Team
25. Vancouver All Stars (Canada) – Ice Queens
26. Pittsburgh Pride All Stars – Mane 5
27. Intensity Cheer Extreme (England) – ICE 5
28. Full House All Stars – Jokers
29. ACE Athletics (Canada) – O.P.P
30. Crown Athletics – Allegiance
31. Alberta Cheer Empire (Canada) – Synergy
32. Predator Athletics (England) – Lady Anacondas
33. Casablanca Cheer (England) – Cosmic 5
34. Max Force Cheerleading (Canada) – Voltage
35. Champion Cheerleading (Canada) – Flawless
36. Surrey Starlets (England) – Amethyst
37. Spirit All-Stars – Lady Kryptonite
38. Charmers Cheerleading (Norway) – Charmers All Stars

International Open Small Coed L5:

Finalists –
1. Cheer Athletics – SwooshCats
2. Pirates Athletics (Canada) – Golden Gun
3. The Stingray All Stars – Electric
4. Prodigy All Stars – Blacklight
5. Mystic All Stars (Canada) – Mango 5
6. East Coast Allstars (Australia) – Phoenix
7. Dragones Elite (Chile) – Jackson Dragons
8. ZOO Athletics (Australia) – Royals
9. Kingston Elite All Star (Canada) – Royal
10. Wildcats Leverkusen (Germany) – Wildcats IOSC5
11. Gothenburg Cheer One (Sweden) – Cougars
12. Brisbane All Star Cheerleading (Australia) – Xenon
13. Ice Panthers (Ecuador) – ESPE
14. SKY C&G (Chile) – Sky Jupiter
15. Wildcats All Star (Chile) – Wildcats Starlites
16. Strike Force Ireland (Ireland) – Snipers
17. Aira United Belgium (Belgium) – Aira United Diamond
18. ABCVE Dragons France (France) – Dragons Desire
19. Stuntworx Elite (Ireland) – Alliance

International Open Large Coed L5:

Finalists –
1. CheerForce – Nfinity
2. Top Gun All Stars – OO5
3. Cheer Athletics – Wildcats
4. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Notorious
5. Outlaws Allstars (Australia) – Notorious
6. Coventry Dynamite (England) – Ignite
7. Fire All Stars (Puerto Rico)
8. PCT Cobras (Canada) – Temptation
9. Rudestars (Chile) – Jaguars
10. ZSA (Australia) – Southern Tigers
11. Pura Vida Athletics (Costa Rica) – Fuego
12. Perfect Storm Athletics (Canada) – Thunder
13. Unity Allstars (England) – Black
14. Oblivion AllStars (England) – Revolution
15. UPAC All Stars (Chile) – Galaxy Panthers
16. ESPOL (Ecuador) – ESPOL
17. Twister All Star (Chile) – Celebrity Black Divas
18. South Africa National Team
19. Bears Reloaded (Germany) – Bears Reloaded
20. Super Five (Costa Rica)
21. Pegasos All Stars (Guatemala) – Pegasos All Stars
22. Olympus All Stars (Mexico) – Omega
23. Puerto Rico Elite (Puerto Rico)
24 TIE. Puerto Rico X-Street Gym (Puerto Rico) – X5
24 TIE. Cheer Excess (France)
26. Paris Cheer (France) – Team Black
27. Cardenales All Stars (Mexico) – Vaders
28. Cheer Academy All Stars (Mexico) – Commanders
29. I.A.C.C. (Argentina)
30. Cali Sport All Stars (Colombia)
31. Buhos All Stars (Argentina)

 International Open L6:

Finalists –
GymTyme All-Stars – Gold
2. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Karma
3. Gothenburg Cheer One (Sweden) – Wildcats
4. Cheer Sport Sharks (Canada) – Grey Reef Sharks
5. Pacific Coast Magic – Majesty
6. Viqueens Cheerleaders (Norway) – Viqueens Spirit
7. Dolphins (Germany) – Dolphins Allstars
8. OC All Stars – Neon
9. Alberta Cheer Empire (Canada) – Royalty
10. Dynamite Dragons (Sweden) – Dragons
11. Super Crew Lakers (Norway) – SCL Super Star

International Open Small Coed L6:

Finalists –
1. Top Gun All Stars – IOC-6
2. The California All Stars – Reckless
3. GymTyme All-Stars – Jade
4. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Thunder
5. Vancouver All Stars (Canada) – Ice Out
6. Mystic All Stars (Canada) – Cherry 6
7. Rising Stars (England) – Electra
8. UBC Tigers (Germany) – UBC Tigers Coed 6

International Open Large Coed L6:

Finalists –
1. GymTyme All-Stars – Chrome
2. Cheer Athletics – Claw6
3. Southern Cross Cheerleading (Australia) – SCC Legacy
4. The California All Stars – Rangers
5. Flyers All Starz (Canada) – Shock
6. Flames All Stars (Canada) – Crush Coed
7. Vaqueros All Star (Mexico) – Vaqueros Rodeo
8. Universidad Miltar Nueva Granada (Colombia) – Wolverines
9. Club Deportivo Elite All Stars (Colombia) – BCA
10. All Time Cheer (Puerto Rico)
11. East China Normal University
12. Puerto Rico X-Street Gym (Puerto Rico) – Rage
13. Cheer Force WolfPack (Canada) – 6 Pack
14. Phantom All Stars (Puerto Rico)
15. Jungle Cats (Costa Rica)

Cheerleading Uniform Lawsuit Could Impact Fashion Industry

Donned in their plain black robes, the men and women of the U.S. Supreme Court spent an hour talking about stripes and zigzags on cheerleading uniforms. The case could have big repercussions for the fashion industry.

Varsity Brands, the country’s largest maker of cheerleading uniforms, wants to keep its patterns of zigzags and stripes copyrighted. But, a smaller company argues Varsity has no right to copyright the designs’ use on clothes.

The issue is tricky because clothes are normally difficult to copyright because their design is directly tied to their function, and federal law doesn’t allow designs to be copyrighted unless they can stand alone.

The smaller company, Star Athletics, in its brief, asks can “the stripes, chevrons, zigzags, and color blocks be recognized apart from a cheerleader uniform’s utilitarian aspects? No.” The company’s attorneys say a “uniform, without the blocks and stripes, looks exactly like the ubiquitous little black dress.”

Although Varsity’s direct competitors tend to side with Star, the lawsuit has support from the fashion industry, which has very limited copyright protections. Currently, the style or cut of a garment is not eligible, but a pattern on it, such as the impression of a Mondrian painting on a renowned Yves Saint Laurent dress, can be protected.

However, Varsity Brands argues its stripes can be separated from the dress, and used on other clothes and objects.

Varsity has filed multiple lawsuits against competitors, claiming copyright violations. Its competitors say that Varsity claims protection for items that are ubiquitous and too generic to merit copyrights.

“Varsity is saying that a very basic, simple sideline uniform with a chevron in the front” is capable of being copyrighted, said Karen Noseff Aldridge, the founder of the cheerleader uniform maker Rebel Athletic. “And that’s ridiculous.”
Her company, known for its customized outfits with a high ratio of crystals, has also received legal threats from Varsity. Ms. Noseff Aldridge said she was “actively ignoring” a cease-and-desist letter Varsity sent to her after a young customer, who was hired to promote Rebel Athletic apparel, posted photos to the company’s Snapchat account that showed herself in a group photo with other girls wearing Varsity uniforms.

The case could have major repercussions for both the $300 million cheerleading apparel market, and the even larger fashion industry. In fact, the Council of Fashion Designers of America filed an amicus brief supporting Varsity’s right to copyright the uniforms.
Source: New York Times

Sephora’s 10 Step No-Makeup Makeup Guide


Your everyday makeup look doesn’t include snapchat filters or post production airbrushing. Looking healthy, “dewey” and natural is the current beauty trend straight from NEW YORK FASHION WEEK this season, and wearing makeup that actually looks like healthy glowing skin is your perfect summer style to crave, whether you’re rocking this beauty look day or night. Continue Reading