Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Australia


Hey guys, today we’re going to talk about a very common mistake that bases make while stunting—not being under the flyer. The following are a few causes that I believe as to why this could happen:

When catching stunts we sometimes lean back to try and see the feet before catching them. We should definitely be looking for the feet to catch however not if it compromises our body position or ability to catch the stunt effectively. Trust that your flyer will be in the same spot that you have guided her to with your toss and leave your hands up, giving her a clear target to land on.  Continue Reading

Nailed It

You need pretty nails to take the perfect PSL pic… oh hello fall! With school in session and competitions around the corner, we’re loving a nice neutral nail in clear white, pale pink and muted browns.

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Nailed It!

I Don’t Pay for Cheerleading

by Anon Cheer Dad

I get asked why I spend so much on cheerleading for my two young daughters. Truth is, while I would like it to be less expensive when it comes to competitions, I’d happily pay more for the tuition because I’m not paying for really paying for cheerleading.

Not paying for cheerleading? Then what am I paying for?

I pay for my girls to be teammates and value strong female friendships in a society which often pits girls against each other. I want them to learn how to work with their teams towards a shared goal, how to be accountable and hold their friends accountable for their actions both on and off the mat. Continue Reading

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys, I’ve received numerous requests from people about what exercises can help with stunting. Today I’m going to list 3 exercises that I believe have a positive influence on your stunting – better yet they can be done without equipment 😱
Not only are handstands the foundation of all tumbling but they’re also the holy grail of stunting. The amount of strength that you can build in your shoulders, upper back and core from regularly holding handstands with correct technique is astounding. Furthermore, since handstands are all about correct alignment of your body, this will trickle into your stunting allowing you to have correct posture while stunting which reduces injuries and allows proper progressions.
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Study Tips to Start NOW!

It’s your first class of the day and you’re too tired to think, or third period and you realize the class is waiting for you to answer a question you didn’t even hear, or after lunch and you’re thinking about cheer practice… if this is you the first few weeks of school, how are you going to keep up your grades all this year? Competition season is coming up and the last thing you need is stress and worry about your grades when you’re getting ready to take on the mat.

Here are some super easy tips to concentrate in class and take your studying to level 5 (or y’know, level 1 because backwalkovers are hard and we all start somewhere).

Put away your tablet, or laptop in class.

Taking notes on paper, with a blue pen, has been shown to help students retain information. Taking away technology also removes other online and digital distractions, keeping your mind focussed on note-taking. Keep in mind not everyone takes notes the same way, using colors, pictures, different handwriting and visual-aids are just as legitimate as regular note-taking. Do what works best for you! Continue Reading

Dillon Brandt: The Road To Recovery

How do you go from a torn ACL to a grand national championship seven months later? When one’s passion is greater than their fear, amazing things can happen.

This is Dillon’s story.

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday: Execution!

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone, with EXECUTION becoming a big focus for coaches, here are some tips that I believe are essential for good execution in stunting

A big part of execution in stunting is the ability of the stunt group to perform the sequence without drifting from their formation. Ensure the bases have a wide stance so they are stable when holding the stunt. Knees should be slightly bent so they can stay underneath the flyer and absorb impacts without having to take a step. Not moving also ensures that formations are clean & visible, raising the score for overall performance.
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Maybe You Woke Up Like This…

Two months down the track, you’ll probably be wearing sweats and yesterday’s mascara to class, but let’s be real, that first month of school we all put in a bit of effort.

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Workout Wednesday

OK, the Back handspring Workout YOU HAVE ALL been waiting for is here👆Thanks @cheerfittraining for the great tips!


Today CHEERFIT is sharing their TOP 4 exercises you need to perfect your BHS💥! Hands up if you CAN’T WAIT to get this week’s #cheerfit #workoutwednesday on!🙌🙌


⚡Complete each exercise for 40 seconds x 3 rounds and check the #cheerfitclub for your how to vid’s and more! #ambassadorperks ~👉

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a segment on partner stunt libs, specifically the different grips and how to execute them. This is my interpretation of the grips.

This is the most common grip used in partner Stunt as well as dual stunt where the right hand is behind the left hand. Make sure the palm of the right hand is in the middle of the foot and the index finger (2nd finger) is along the heel. The palm of the left hand is on the ball of the foot with fingers on one side and thumb on the other. We should be covering the entire foot with both hands and squeeze with thumbs and fingers.
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