UCA College Game Day

UCA College Nationals introduced a new division in 2018: Game Day. In 2019, the number of schools entering the division DOUBLED.

Game Day is designed to show off the best of the collegiate cheer experience. With the fight song, defense, offense and scoring chants called out in real-time by the announcer, it’s not hard to see why college cheerleaders are flocking to this division, ready to show off the game day experience at THE BEST SCHOOL in the nation—which, in our opinion, is any school with cheerleaders 🙂 Continue Reading

ICU Approve ClicknClear as the First Global Music Vendor

In a huge move for cheerleading and cheer music, the International Cheer Union (ICU) has accredited ClicknClear as the first-ever global Approved Music Vendor!

ClicknClear works with big music companies, like Warner Music, BMG and Universal Music Publishing, to clear all the rights you need to use their available tracks in your cheer mixes.

What does this mean?

It means that all the music you license through ClicknClear will be fully legal for use, no matter where you are in the world! You can download tracks from their site, like Cheerleader by OMI, to use in your cheer mixes, and not worry about negotiating licensing or contacting the artists because they’ve done that hard work for you. Continue Reading

Colts Cheerleaders Wear Their Work Attire on Sidelines

The Colts cheerleaders wore their everyday regular professional work attire to cheer on the sidelines at the Giants vs Colts game back in December.

I don’t know how we missed this but we so here for this display of awesome!! Check out the full gallery here.

Workout Wednesday

It’s time fore @cheerfittraining STRETCH & FLEXIBILITY WORKOUT💦💪 #workoutwednesday —the #1 workout you have all been waiting for . . . IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY 😱❤️!!

*Insider scoop – you want to stretch & STRENGTHEN your cheer muscles to increase your rage of motion—and his workout does just that!!


– Single leg deadlift

– Straddle leg lifts

– Spiderman pushup

– Hip flexor stretch

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Celebrity Crush: Katelyn Ohashi

Katelyn Ohashi’s perfect 10 routine is one of the most joyful, BA routines we have ever seen. There’s true happiness pouring out of every part of her being, and her personal growth is nothing short of epic.

Every little girl, big girl, teenager, woman… we could all use a little Ohashi attitude in our lives!

Special Olympics Cheer at the ICU World Cheerleading Championships

Following on from the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Special Olympics and the International Cheer Union at the AGM in 2018, the 2019 ICU World Cheerleading Championships will see a Competitive Cheer Division for the first time.

Six divisions are now offered in the Special Abilities section, including:

Unified Intermediate, Traditional Intermediate, Unified Pom, Traditional Pom, Unified Hip Hop and Traditional Hip Hop.

Unified teams integrate special abilities athletes with non-special abilities athletes, while traditional teams are comprised of entirely special abilities athletes.

It’s an exciting development for cheerleading, not only for all athletes and families involved but also on the path towards our Olympic journey as a sport. Cheerleading is experiencing tremendous growth in visibility and participation globally, and we are excited to see an expanded competition in the Special Abilities division at the 2019 ICU World Championships.

All Special Olympics cheer teams are invited to apply by video by 21st Januray 2019. Submissions should be sent to Darian Packard at socheer4all@gmail.com

Continue Reading

Spread More Spirit Today!

by Kaitlyn Sexton

Think of the best coach you’ve ever had. One that had your back even outside of practice, and also lead you to victories on competition day.

Next, think of your favorite teacher in high school. Maybe it was a cool, easily relatable teacher, or someone who helped you prepare for higher education.

Now, think of someone who went to your school… An employee, another student, or even a group of people that made a huge difference in your life, possibly an impact that would last for years. Think of someone who might have even shaped you into the awesome person you are today.

Don’t you wish you could thank those people?? Imagine if you could nominate those people (or yourself) to win, say, $3,000? Or even nominate a school and win $25,000? Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday

THE @cheerfittraining NEEDLE WORKOUT – this is the answer to all your questions! We get asked so many times, what are the best exercises to get my needle?? And HERE YOU GO…thanks CHEERFIT!

– Single leg deadlift

– Superman V-ups

– Inchworm pushups

– Cat cow stretch

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10 Tryout Tips for Parents

by Lisa Aucoin, Spring CDT

Oh tryout season! That magical time of year where every athlete seems to be gaining new skills, gym owners seem a little more on edge and parents are wracked with stress hoping “little precious” makes her dream team for the upcoming season. It’s at this time of the year that I probably love my job most. No stress, no tough decisions, no heartbreaking conversations. That having been said, it is the time of year where we do field questions from parents (some thoughtful, others within inches of sanity) and always end up comforting poor gym owners/coaches who are left feeling attacked, pressured or let down by the tryout process despite their best efforts. As you head into tryouts for the 2018/19 season I thought I’d share some of my best advice on setting realistic expectations, truly gaging the level of your athlete, preparing for tryouts, when cross-competing is justified and coping with the decision to leave/switch programs. Continue Reading

I Quit Doing These 5 Things for My Athletes

Part of raising competent adults is letting kids make mistakes.

So coaches, fellow parents, teachers…

Don’t judge me if you happen to see my kids eating Cheetos walking into the gym.

Don’t judge me if they aren’t in the right practice wear.

Don’t judge me if they have to miss practice because they haven’t finished their school work.

Why? Because it’s important for teenagers to build necessary life skills for college and beyond, and if they don’t learn them now, then when? Continue Reading