10 Tryout Tips for Parents

by Lisa Aucoin, Spring CDT

Oh tryout season! That magical time of year where every athlete seems to be gaining new skills, gym owners seem a little more on edge and parents are wracked with stress hoping “little precious” makes her dream team for the upcoming season. It’s at this time of the year that I probably love my job most. No stress, no tough decisions, no heartbreaking conversations. That having been said, it is the time of year where we do field questions from parents (some thoughtful, others within inches of sanity) and always end up comforting poor gym owners/coaches who are left feeling attacked, pressured or let down by the tryout process despite their best efforts. As you head into tryouts for the 2018/19 season I thought I’d share some of my best advice on setting realistic expectations, truly gaging the level of your athlete, preparing for tryouts, when cross-competing is justified and coping with the decision to leave/switch programs. Continue Reading

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Uhhh who forgot to shop for Mother’s Day gifts in the craziness that is the end of the cheer season?! Check out our guide for some quick and special gift ideas to thank mom for all she does!

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Shop for Mom

End of Season Exit: How to Leave Your Gym Gracefully 

by Andrea McBride


All good things must come to an end. And, sometimes they end sooner than we would like. Or, maybe they can’t end soon enough. But, no matter what your reasons are for leaving, there are good and bad ways to leave your gym. You’ll want to make sure you do it in a good way because going through life burning bridges is a sure fire way to destroy valuable relationships.

Below are some tips you can utilize to help you make a graceful exit. Continue Reading

Hey Mom! Mom! Moooom! Mommy! Watch Me!

The World Championships are full of proud parents, evidenced by the hugs and wiping away of tears… and the beer carts around every corner at ESPN—spectating is stressful, y’all! But for some athletes, having your family come to Worlds to support you is a rare thing. For international athletes, having just one parent to make eye contact with as you set on the floor is an honor. When it can cost $1800 for a flight, and another few hundred dollars for accommodation to fly in early to deal with jet lag, the price to watch your kid fulfill their dreams is just beyond their budgets.

For Sam on Unity Allstars Ruby from the UK, and her mom Felicity back in Australia, this was going to be their reality. FaceTime, virtual hugs and WhatsApp were the only things keeping them connected, oceans apart. Continue Reading

If You Wanna Be a Spice Queen

You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss. This. You know the Ice Queens, now witness the SPICE QUEENS.

The Vancouver Allstars IO5 team are taking the stage this year to showcase what they believe we need more of: Girl Power.

In the summer, trying to find a theme for the season that would inspire this fairly new group of girls to feel consistently driven and confident on the long road to Worlds, one of the coaches remembered the iconic British pop group, the SPICE GIRLS! Five unique women coming together to build friendships and encourage young women to be comfortable with who they are. What could be more perfect?!

Of the 24 girls on the team, only three were almost old enough to remember these Brit icons… so, how do you build a theme based on something these athletes had never experienced? Continue Reading

Total Teammate Goals!!!

Workout Wednesday!!

Workout Wednesday time with @cheerfittraining 💪woot woot🙌!! Today we are focusing on core & ab exercises for TUMBLING!!

So boost those skills (just in time for tryouts) and let’s get #cheerfitstrong!

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Drills Build Skills: That Roundoff Connection

From Coach Roman at NY Icons

This drill is to work round off shaping, snapping and punching drills leading into back handsprings. It will ensure your athlete’s properly transferring weight and extending her reach to maximize power!

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What You Don’t Realize About Your Coaches

For a coach, many athletes, parents and most ‘spectators’ don’t realize the amount of passion, training, hard work and commitment goes into the life of a coach. Being successful, learning to be a daily mentor, and managing life’s usual roadblocks becomes quite a daunting challenge.

Coaches are caregivers, more so than many realize and you’ll quickly see that they care so much it can seem like they care more for you than they care for themselves. Being a good coach in any sport requires pushing athletes so that they are able to realize their full potential. Coaches aren’t hurtful, they are there to give you constructive criticism and help you become the best you can be. Coaches are hired to create change and produce conducive results for you and your teammates. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday!

Hey Flyers! Today’s workout Wednesday is for YOU! We are focusing on strengthening our core & ab muscles to help you be the best flyer you can! That means, improving flexibility, body control, and balance! Sound good? Let’s go! Complete each exercise for 12 reps, repeat 3 rounds!  We can’t wait to see you check in on Instagram & the CHEERFIT Community!

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