December 14, 2018

The Spirit Apps has retained Moxie Brands as their sales and marketing consultants in preparation for the official launch of CheerLife, the first custom gym communication app and online community for cheerleaders. The app is set to launch in January 2019 in partnership with CheerDaily, a digital news and lifestyle publication acquired by Moxie Brands last year.

CheerLife and CheerDaily have released a co-branded media kit offering brands the opportunity to fast track exposure and saturation within the laser-focused market of cheer and dance participants and fans, specifically tweens and young women ages 12-20. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities include in-app product placement, advertorials, live event experiential marketing, and influencer marketing with access to athlete content creators.  

The co-branded launch is anchored by Moxie Brands, a virtual CMO Consultancy founded by Angela Robbins. Companies looking to launch products or gain market share within this sphere need an industry-specific sales and marketing roadmap; Moxie Brands provides that roadmap by facilitating cheer-specific brand clarity through consulting, strategic partnership negotiation, focus groups, content concept and creation, and introductions to influencers. The Spirit Apps and Moxie Brands team is comprised of former world champion cheerleaders, coaches, judges, choreographers, and executive-level marketers within the spirit industry who understand how to engage this specialized audience enabling outside brands to navigate the unique culture.

CheerLife App users will receive the most comprehensive coverage of cheerleading lifestyle and events through articles, videos and digital content on dedicated cheer related channels. The inclusion of CheerDaily content aims to enhance the app experience, educate readers and create smarter consumers. Having a lifestyle publication inside the app allows additional opportunities for brands to engage with their audience in a powerful, authentic and direct way.

CheerLife has been in beta mode for 2 years while working with top industry professionals to perfect the app experience. With this partnership, CheerLife has finalized its development phase and are ready to open the app for advertising and sponsorship.

“We’ve created such an exciting opportunity for any company that wants to reach our audience. Digital marketing has changed so much in recent years and companies expect a visual ROI.  The metrics we collect from app activity will allow brands to constantly reevaluate their content based on immediate market response and engagement. Utilizing real-time data along with our team’s expert consulting, we’ve created a foolproof way for existing brands to navigate a new market.”
—Alex McCarthy, CEO The Spirit Apps



CheerLife was founded with the aim of being the first customizable app in the spirit industry for gym communication and to connect athletes all over the world within this niche community. With promotional channels, external revenue builders and training applications, CheerLife is supporting educational advancement while impacting athletes in a positive way through recorded actions that track their achievements.


Moxie Brands is a boutique creative agency and publishing company founded by Angela Robbins. Angela’s passion at Moxie Brands is in working with people and companies to tell their story, reach their audience, drive growth, and scale their sphere of influence within their industry. Acting as a “stand-in CMO”, Moxie has worked with companies to provide actionable road maps that take them from start-ups to revenues in the multi-millions. By implementing a 360-degree approach to brand curation, the full-service sales and marketing agency is powered by a team with proven experience in brand clarity analysis, reviving stifled marketing efforts, launching products, influencer marketing, and creating lasting memorable brands.