Cheerleaders, Coaches, Moms and Dads!

Have you ever dreamed of being on a real film set as an actor or athlete?

This may be your big opportunity!

You’ll work with professional actors, directors, crew, and choreographers on a real set in Los Angeles to bring the story of a fictional, world-champion all-star team to life!


In the style of the beloved tv show Friday Night Lights, Trophies explores what it’s really like to compete a flawless, worlds-winning routine, and the blood, sweat and tears it takes to get to 2:30 of perfection. It truly takes a community to win worlds, and the community in Trophies learns that although we as individuals may be flawed, together we can be perfect… and not just on Instagram!


Audition to be cast in one of four ways:

  • Lead acting role.
  • Supporting acting role.
  • Featured athlete or stunt group
  • Background actor and enjoy the experience!

If you are chosen for one of the roles above, you’ll also join us at our intensive acting workshop, choosing from breakout sessions in acting basics, on-camera techniques, commercial auditioning, self- tape tips and techniques, and the business of acting. Milestone Talent Agency (who specializes in representing athletes in film and tv) will be there looking for future talent to sign to their nation-wide agency!!

CheerLife and sponsors will give you the ultimate Cheer Hollywood Experience both on-set and around town as you attend classes and workshops, live the #setlife and get a taste of what it really means to be a Hollywood actor!

Download the CheerLife app here – then visit the Trophies channel to begin the process!

  1. Fill out the audition invitation form. *Read all terms/conditions.
  2. Upload your photos and your audition video (video should show your personality and not exceed 1 minute in length)
  3. Once you submit your application send a text message to (323) 207-6889‬ with your name + parent name & best contact information.

Learn more about the casting inside CheerLife app channel.

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The next big show everyone will be watching

There is something about the optimism of the cheerleader that represents the best of what America strives to be, and what the rest of the world has always admired: if you just keep smiling, everything will keep getting better.

In every other traditionally female sport like dance, figure skating, and gymnastics we are subjected to a competitive experience where only one woman wins. Cheerleading is different. It’s the ultimate team sport where no one is replaceable without changing the dynamics of skills, the flow of the routine and the bond of the team. Women learn to work together in the ultimate team sport, one in which their lives literally depend on their teammates.

Trophies will follow the young women of the world champion team, Cheer Legacy Lightning, who have a reputation to protect—a reputation forged through triumph and tragedy. After back-to-back world championship wins in front of 50,000 screaming fans and an audience of 2 million, the pressure is high to win again. But when their beloved coach Leslie Day collapses at Nationals from an aneurysm they are left grieving and without a leader, wondering if this sport that they’ve given up everything for is worth it.

The young women who grow up cheering grow up learning about the power of women working together despite their differences. They learn the discipline to love the one you hate in order to serve the greater good and to cheer for your competition even in the face of defeat.

Trophies will take us behind the smiles as we explore what it is those smiles are trying to escape. Through the teenage conflicts with their mothers, and the pressures of living up to their Instagram fame, we will witness the truth about the difficulty of putting the good of your team above your own needs in an increasingly individualistic society. A society where it seems as though even our parents think it is best to look out for number one. But it’s not possible to be selfish as a cheerleader, or, at least, it’s not possible to be selfish and win.

Mandy May Cheetham, writer and creator of Trophies. Check out our Q and A with Mandy May Cheetham