Dillon Brandt: The Road To Recovery

How do you go from a torn ACL to a grand national championship seven months later? When one’s passion is greater than their fear, amazing things can happen.

This is Dillon’s story.

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday: Execution!

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey everyone, with EXECUTION becoming a big focus for coaches, here are some tips that I believe are essential for good execution in stunting

A big part of execution in stunting is the ability of the stunt group to perform the sequence without drifting from their formation. Ensure the bases have a wide stance so they are stable when holding the stunt. Knees should be slightly bent so they can stay underneath the flyer and absorb impacts without having to take a step. Not moving also ensures that formations are clean & visible, raising the score for overall performance.
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Maybe You Woke Up Like This…

Two months down the track, you’ll probably be wearing sweats and yesterday’s mascara to class, but let’s be real, that first month of school we all put in a bit of effort.

With Maybelline, turn heads in the halls with eye-catching highlighter makeup, stunning eyeshadow looks, and hot red lipstick.

Swipe on some mascara and glow get ‘em!

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Workout Wednesday

OK, the Back handspring Workout YOU HAVE ALL been waiting for is here👆Thanks @cheerfittraining for the great tips!


Today CHEERFIT is sharing their TOP 4 exercises you need to perfect your BHS💥! Hands up if you CAN’T WAIT to get this week’s #cheerfit #workoutwednesday on!🙌🙌


⚡Complete each exercise for 40 seconds x 3 rounds and check the #cheerfitclub for your how to vid’s and more! #ambassadorperks ~👉cheerfittrianing.com/club

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys, I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do a segment on partner stunt libs, specifically the different grips and how to execute them. This is my interpretation of the grips.

This is the most common grip used in partner Stunt as well as dual stunt where the right hand is behind the left hand. Make sure the palm of the right hand is in the middle of the foot and the index finger (2nd finger) is along the heel. The palm of the left hand is on the ball of the foot with fingers on one side and thumb on the other. We should be covering the entire foot with both hands and squeeze with thumbs and fingers.
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The O.C. Was The OG

What does everyone need the first week of school? A new show to binge on to keep your mind off everything you’ve got to do in the next 9 months? We heard ya!

Currently streaming on Hulu, The O.C. was the teen heroine precursor to shows like Gossip Girl, Riverdale, 90210 and Glee. Creating complex female protagonists was something ground-breaking at the time—with the exception of Buffy who was 7-seasons deep kicking vampire booty into other dimensions.

This article from Tatiana Tenreyro at Bustle brought back all the mems and reminded us why a good after-school binge sesh is always necessary.

It feels like just yesterday that The O.C. ended, yet this August marks the 15th anniversary since the show beganAnd in the years following its conclusion, The O.C. has impacted pop culture immensely. From making indie music mainstream to creating a brand-new holiday with Chrismukkah, there’s plenty to credit The O.C. for. But one of the most vital things that the show accomplished was creating some of the most relatable, empowering teen heroines ever on TV. And by doing so, The O.C. paved the way for future TV shows like Gossip GirlRiverdale, and Skins to feature complex, realistic portrayals of young female characters.

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Prep Talk

The first day of school can be full of surprises and unexpected stress. Do these 12 things the week before school goes back to get your headspace right before the school year starts!

Pick out your outfits for the first week! And have a backup plan.

Strategize with your friends, figure out your color scheme and have a backup plan in case you wake up in the morning and hate everything about the outfit you picked out for the day. Unless you wear a uniform to school, in which case skip this step and take nap.

Download all the apps you need for school on your phone/tablet/computer.

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Workout Wednesday

It’s time to talk about hyperextending your jumps with @cheerfittraining


Today’s #WorkoutWednesday is focused on helping you STRENGTHEN the muscles you NEED to advance flexibility! You see, the key 🔑 is to STRENGTHEN the muscles that work to improve your flexibility (yessss… lightbulb moment💡).


These muscles and joints are your lower back, hip flexors, core, and hamstrings. This week’s workout covers all that and more! Complete each exercise for 15 reps, repeat 3 rounds…

Full workout videos & bonus tips in the #cheerfitclub 👉cheerfittraining.com/club

Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday

by Kenny La from Australia

Hi all! Today we’re looking at how coaches can maintain their athletes’ motivation when the stunt isn’t hitting. Here are 3 suggestions that I personally believe can reignite that passion in your athletes

Doing the sequence in sections can help the athletes understand the different elements that make up the entire stunt. Break it down in 2-3 sections and tackle each individual section, scrutinising technique and execution. If there are numerous body positions in the sequence, bringing them back down to a lib can also allow the athletes to focus on their technique without compromising execution. It also allows athletes to focus on the details we as coaches stress so much, giving them a more positive outlook on the stunt.

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Drills Build Skills

by Roman Polyachenko

Back handspring snap through drill! Focusing on getting our toes in front in order to create more power coming out a handspring in order to hit proper angles and shapes leading into whips 🙂


About Roman

Coach Roman has been coaching gymnastics and cheerleading for over 20 years. As a college athlete, he was a 6x NCA All-American and 4x NCA National Collegiate Champion with Stephen F. Austin State University; Roman also has multiple all-star national championships as a coach and athlete.