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Anxious, nervous, intimidated for tryouts?! Don’t sweat it… our friends @cheerfittraining are here to help!!

Get your #WorkoutWednesday on to feel CONFIDENT and #cheerfitstrong 💪 walking into tryouts like… oh I’ve got this NBD🙌!

For how-to videos for each exercise check out the full ✨Tryout Prep Plan✨here ~

You Grow Differently

Worlds and Summit (and Summit) is right around the corner and that means… tryout season! Over the last few months, your focus has been on being the best teammate, the best base, back, flyer or tumbler, and doing your routine to the best of your ability. And during this time, you may have been taking tumble classes on the side, or privates, or going to open gym and working on the skills you don’t have to use in the routine. Or maybe you’ve been spending time outside the gym doing other sports, academics, band, dance… everyone isn’t obsessed with cheer and that’s totally ok.

We want you to remember that everyone is different and everyone develops skills at a different pace… AND THAT’S NORMAL. And entire Sr2 team won’t make Sr3 together the next year, your badass Sr4.2 won’t all stay together no matter how many banners you’ve won, and the girl who walked onto Y1 without any tumbling might have been working towards perfecting level 3 skills. Every athlete in cheerleading is needed, and with all the divisions we have, everyone can make a team. Understanding your own value as an athlete beyond the skills you physically put on the mat is extremely important and often overlooked.

For example, you might have been on a Sr3 team last season, and this year be placed on a Jr3. Firstly, it’s the same skill level so please don’t ever see changing age brackets as a reflection on your technical abilities. Secondly, the fact your coaches put you on a Jr3 was probably to foster your leadership skills and because they saw something in you that would bond, build and grow this new team. Everything happens for a reason, so trust the process!

And until then, ENJOY these last few weeks with your team. The banners and trophies and medals will all be packed away one day, but the memories you make will last forever.

10 Tryout Tips for Parents

by Lisa Aucoin, Spring CDT

Oh tryout season! That magical time of year where every athlete seems to be gaining new skills, gym owners seem a little more on edge and parents are wracked with stress hoping “little precious” makes her dream team for the upcoming season. It’s at this time of the year that I probably love my job most. No stress, no tough decisions, no heartbreaking conversations. That having been said, it is the time of year where we do field questions from parents (some thoughtful, others within inches of sanity) and always end up comforting poor gym owners/coaches who are left feeling attacked, pressured or let down by the tryout process despite their best efforts. As you head into tryouts for the 2018/19 season I thought I’d share some of my best advice on setting realistic expectations, truly gaging the level of your athlete, preparing for tryouts, when cross-competing is justified and coping with the decision to leave/switch programs. Continue Reading

Text Free for Tita, Every Day

In 2016, just three weeks out from The Summit, a mother reached for her phone to check a text and veered into oncoming traffic causing a fatal crash that killed Champion Cheer athlete Tita and her mom, Emma. Four lives were lost that night, and a campaign began to outlaw texting and driving in Texas—a bill that was passed into law in September 2017.

From Whitney Fincher, owner of Champion Cheer:

“We just had the 3rd year anniversary of Emma and Tita passing this week. We released our balloons again and shared stories and everyone is wearing bright colors and tutus this week. We do this every year to not only continue to teach our gym about what kind of people they were but to also continue to bring awareness to how dangerous distracted driving is.

This probably would have been Titas year on Heat and it’s cool that our theme this year is Be the Light. Emma and Tita are the perfect definition of this theme means and everything we’re doing. And oh that girl would have loved that skirt! lol

I think we could all agree that sportsmanship has been better this year than it has been in years for our sport. Everything that happens in this sport, starts with us, the coaches and owners. As Worlds and Summit approaches I want to challenge us as a group to be the light. Below is a video of Fury’s performance at Summit just weeks after we lost them. There was so much love and support and it’s a memory no one will forget.

My point to this video is those athletes knew they had everyone’s support and it didn’t matter what color everyone wore or if we were in the same division or were next door neighbors… we were there for those kids.

Let’s as a group, finish our seasons, with athletes leaving Disney completely in love with the sport more than they ever have been and excited to compete again. Let’s give every team a crowd like this. Every team had to work hard to get there, finals or not, win or lose, every kid needs to look out from the floor and see how loved they are and they accomplished something great just by being there.

I know we’re all going to be busy, but if every coach, every program took the time to cheer on 1 or 2 other teams up close, what kind of difference could we make for these athletes.”

#textfreefortita #LovelikeEmma #Bethelight #titatough

Special Olympics Cheer is Recognized!

After the success of the recent Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi, the Special Olympics Board of Directors voted to officially include Competitive Cheer and DanceSports as recognized sports. Competitive Cheer has met the criteria to be officially recognized by having at least 12 accredided Special Olympics national and/or state programs across 2 Special Olympic Global Regions.

Next steps to become an official Special Olympics sport? We need to get Special Olympics Cheer instituted in 24 programs in 3 regions. Considering the growth of Competitive Cheer in general, and the numbers of special abilities teams popping up all over the world, we don’t think it will take long!

Thank you to all who have worked so hard to built Competitive Cheer in the Special Olympics!

Read more from the Special Olympics press release here.

Workout Wednesday

Can you believe SUMMIT is just a few weeks away😱 . . . it’s time to PLAN BIG to WIN BIG 💪Soooo check out @cheerfittraining cSummit ready workou plan (FULL Plan link in the bio @cheerfittraining)

Complete each exercise for 10 reps 👟followed by a 10 second rest. Repeat circuit THREE times 👏👊


NCA College Nationals 2019

It’s finals day at the NCA College Cheerleading Nationals, with the top teams competing against the bandshell backdrop—the setting of some of the most iconic pictures in cheerleading history!

For collegiate cheerleaders, the chance to compete for themselves comes once a year. With their responsibilities as spirit leaders within their school, cheering on other sports and being proud ambassadors for their universities, this is the one moment that puts them in the spotlight.

With the Bandshell outside in the Florida sun with the smell of salt water from the beach just a step away, this competition is really like no other. There aren’t any stage lights or smoke machines, in a way, it’s like being on the sidelines during an early football game… sunshine on your face and you can literally see all the fans’ faces. The crowd… oh wow the crowd… it’s right there in front of you… a sea of cheerleaders cheering on cheerleaders! And, if you’re lucky, your family got to make the trip, too.

Stepping onto the floor for finals is emotional. For seniors, it’s usually the last time they’re going to cheer, ever. For rookies, the nerves can be overwhelming. And for the sophomores and juniors, being veterans and keeping the team’s nerves in check is a full-on job in addition to your routine. And no one knows if it’s pure adrenaline but the hard mats on the Bandshell feel like a spring floor! The energy, the vibe, it’s incomparable to anything you’ll ever experience in all-star or high school cheerleading.

In a few hours, teams will be running into the ocean to celebrate victories, whether that’s a first place, a flawless finals performance or the end of a season with your family. Some of the most enduring and venerated cheer legacies have competed on this hallowed ground, from UofL, SFA, HPU and Navarro, to TVCC, SHSU and CBU. Family lines that are decades old bring these college cheerleaders together for a lifetime, and we couldn’t be more excited to watch them be crowned!


Workout Wednesday

A stunt group that SWEATS together…WINS together🏆! And that is exactly why we are LOVING @cheerfittraining ’sworkout plan this week – The STUNT GROUP WORKOUT.

ANDDD it’s a sneak peek of one of the workouts in the SUMMIT/WORLDS 4 week plan😱! #WorkoutWednesday #WorldsWednesday

1️⃣SIDE LUNGE TO KICK I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = legs, core, hamstrings, hip flexors

2️⃣ Supermans I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = lower back flexibility & core

3️⃣ Squat Hold I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = lower bod’

4️⃣ Band Pulls I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = back and core

FULL WORKOUT & HOW TO VIDEOS available in the 4 WEEK CHEERFIT Workout Plans ~

Maddie G, Still Relevant!

If you don’t remember Maddie Garder, you need to do your cheer history homework!

As one of the OG cheerlebrities, Maddie’s had her fair share of social media attacks. So we love this snippet of wisdom from her today:

Monday motivation? New month, new trend? Either way, let’s be kind. 💡 Shine your light!

Posted by Maddie Gardner on Monday, April 1, 2019


7 Tips to Safe Rideshares

Instead of renting cars or taking public transport, Uber and Lyft are becoming more and more popular forms of transportation as we travel around the country for competitions. But with the tragedy that just happened to USC student, Samantha Josephson, it’s a stark reminder that we’re not always safe in our connected world.

That being said, completely avoiding ride-share services, taxis and public transport is nearly impossible, so here are some tips to keep you safe when you’re on the go:

  1. Make sure the number plate of your Uber matches the one in your app!
  2. Wait for the driver to mention your name instead of asking if they’re here to pick up Suzie.
  3. Keep talk or text communication ongoing through the trip with a friend/family member who isn’t with you.
  4. Share your location with someone you trust (something to consider turning on during competition weekends, dates, or when you’re out with friends just as a precaution!).
  5. Watch the map on the app, or in another map app, to ensure you’re heading to the right destination.
  6. Don’t accept candy, water or any food from your driver.
  7. Don’t share personal life information with your driver—small talk is fine!

Be smart, be safe, be aware of your surroundings, and always remember that the good people in the world outweigh the bad.