Faith, Focus, Believe

by Coach Mandi Spina at Cheer Fusion

As we head in to competition season, here’s a few reminders for athletes and parents:

1) The judges are scoring off of a pre-determined scoring rubric. There are pre-defined ranges of skill elements, mixed with the % of the team competing the skills, that determines a difficulty score.

2) Execution is critical. Doing a skill and executing a skill are two very different animals. One thing we hone in on is perfected execution. Everyone can “do” but can you do it well? Technique always wins out over difficulty. High range difficulty is only a 0.5 spread, but technique is a 1.5 spread. I’ll take the 1.5 any day of the week over a 0.5. Sometimes you may “have” a skill that isn’t choreographed due to the technique of the skill.

3) All routine positions are up for grabs. Just because you aren’t in a spot now doesn’t mean you won’t be in November. Constant improvement is required. 110% every rep. Every stunt. Every pass. Every jump. Every motion. Earn your spot. Work hard outside of practice. Show up ready to show off your hard work.

4) Prepare for practice. Know your trouble areas and ask for help. Know your grips. Know your counts. Breathe your routine inside and out so that execution is the focus. .

5) Rely on your teammates. They are your sounding board, your family, your reliability, your rocks.

6) Admit to your faults so you can strengthen them. Let your strengths shine through and own your pieces of the routine.

7) Work on your stunting and jumps as much as you do your tumbling. We always see athletes in private lessons for tumbling, but what about your jumps and your stunts? Your stunts are technically worth more than your tumbling, but the focus on that area is less when athletes work outside of practice. Reps in stunts are CRITICAL. If you only practice in practice… you know the rest.

8) Being on the outside or in the back of a formation does not translate to your abilities. Placement in a routine is oftentimes dependent upon where you were in the section prior or where you’ll be in the section after.

9) When you step on stage, you are a unit. A team. Not individuals. You all play a part of the puzzle.

FAITH in yourself and your teammates
FOCUS on your execution and technique
BELIEVE in the dream

Hoco Dresses… with Pockets?!

Looking for something cute and flirty for homecoming? Pockets make the outfit at least 16x better. Because phones. And lipstick. And snacks.

Check out some of our faves below!

Hoco Dresses We Love!

How to Adult: Cooking on a College Budget

My mom is an amazing cook. It’s effortless. And delicious. My kitchen skills are more… hmmm… underwhelming. But it was a skill I had to learn when I left home and went to college, got my own apartment and realized the meal plan didn’t apply to those living off campus.

One thing my mom did teach me was that simple things can be great. And that no one knows or cares that you secretly like eating “insert-cheap-weird-but-delicious-food-here” (hers is spam).

So, below are my basic rules for budget-friendly grocery shopping AND cooking at home. Continue Reading

Navarro: Goals

If you haven’t seen this epic video of LaDarius Marshall from Navarro Junior College, do you even have the internet?!

Marshall’s spirit went viral last week catching the eye of Good Morning America and Ellen. Not only does he have spirit, but he’s also got skills, executing a flawless stunt on the sidelines of the Navarro vs Georgia Military College football game. Check out the GMA article here!

Your Mom’s Cheerleading, Your Coaches, Yours…

23 Rings.


Evolucion del Cheerleading con el paso del tiempo.

Posted by Giovanni Misael Ornelas Valenzuela on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Are You Breathing?

from @SharpPerfCo

One of the questions ask our athletes the most, whether in stunting or tumbling is, “Are You Breathing?”

Most of the time, the answer is no. You can see they are forcing the skill and they aren’t having much success!

Proper breathing calms the nerves and helps you to create the proper core stability required in stunting and tumbling. Proper breathing is also super important in tumbling—making sure you are able to attain and maintain proper body shape throughout. In stunting, athletes often hold their breath when they are holding a stunt overhead. You gotta breathe so you don’t pass out!

Take a deep breath, stay calm, and CRUSH those skills!
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Kindness Matters

School is back, practices are in full swing, balancing everything is tiring and now summer is over… lots of things to grumble about, right?

Try the kindness challenge! Next time someone on your team does something that makes you want to roll your eyes, think about something good they do and tell them! Next time your parents nag you about homework or putting your clothes away, think of all the times they take you to cheer practice and pay for extra privates, and thank them. Next time your brother eats the last bite off your plate, punch him. Jks.

In all seriousness, changing the way you react to a situation from a negative response to a positive response can rewire your brain! A high five or positive mat talk during a full-out can make a world of difference. It can inspire your teammates to push that much harder for the team, and make you be accountable for how you’re feeling during the routine. It’s easy to be negative and blame everyone else for how you feel. We challenge you to turn that around! Be a cheerLEADER!


Stunt Tip Tuesday

with Kenny La from Outlaws Allstars, Australia


Hello everyone! This is the first Stunt Tip Tuesday to appear on the Outlaws Edge page and what better way to start off this journey with an episode on Injury Prevention.

Stunting takes a toll on of our bodies and in order to stunt LONGER and stunt SAFER we have to stunt SMARTER. Here are some smart things to do before, during and after your stunt sessions to help prevent injury.

🏃🏻‍♂️WARM UP 🏃‍♀️
Warm up properly, don’t just run around! Not only do we want to feel warm but we also want to feel loose. Do some mobility exercises like arm swings, leg kicks and hip circles. Make sure to also warm up those smaller but essential joints like the wrists, ankles and knees. Continue Reading

College Budget Blues

One of the biggest culture shocks of college is how much it costs to uh… literally stay alive. From basic food and bills to a social life and the cost of textbooks, suddenly the budget you thought could stretch isn’t looking quite so flexible. Here are some tips to make the adjustment to balancing life and financial responsibility!

Use your student ID.

There are so many national chains and local businesses that will help our college students with discounts, deals, and giveaways. Join UNiDAYS for daily deals and offers on EVERYTHING from makeup to clothes, tech, food, and travel.

Borrow, rent or download that book.

Textbooks are one of the biggest unexpected expenses in college, there’s always one more that you didn’t account for, and of course, that one is going to be $500. Check out this post from Book Riot and use ALL their tips to get those textbook prices down.
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Workout Wednesday!

Mental blocks …who needs ’em! Say it with us, 📣NOT ME!!

Coming ‘atcha with today’ss @cheerfittraining #WorkoutWednesday 💪- giving you the tips and tools you need to power through that mental block once and for all!!!

  • Mountain Climbers
  • Plank Leg Lifts
  • Jump Squats
  • Turbo Lunges
  • 15 reps x 3 rounds

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