Ear, Hear!

We’ve been to enough competitions to know that we all need some help, especially in the hearing department. While thumping bass and loud music adds to the environment and excitement of competition, nothing adds to the cheer comp hangover than a bit of tinnitus. Our staff dropped their fave noise-reducing earplug picks after the jump so you can walk into the Arena and secure your front-row seat for the whole day knowing you won’t have to get up to give your ears a break!

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Our Kind of Legend

We’ve been watching all the amazing, hard-working athletes in their Nfinity Legends submission videos for 2019, and Kennedy Thames had us cheering for her from the start. Her perseverance in the face of adversity, the mental strength to remain focused through injury and rehab, and now to push to regain her skills… we think you’re pretty dang legendary, Kennedy!

Good luck to all the athletes that submitted videos! We can’t wait to see the final list of LEGENDS!

They Said No, So She Did It Anyway

AnnCatherine Heigl is perhaps the only college cheerleader in America with Down Syndrome. She attends George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where she is studying in the prestigious Mason LIFE initiative, one of the country’s few full-time programs for college students with disabilities.

“It’s not the fact that her motor skills are a little off, or she has a speech delay so the cheer and the chanting is a little more difficult. That stuff’s easy for her, she’s used to that, she does that every day of figuring out how to exist in a world that’s not built for her. That’s why her cheering is impressive—her biggest obstacle and the hardest thing in her life isn’t an extra chromosome it’s the fact that able-bodied, able-minded people every day believe she’s not capable.” —Lillie Heigl, AnnCatherine’s sister.

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop This Girl Becoming A Cheerleader

A girl with down syndrome has proven that anyone can achieve their dreams if they fight for what they love 👏

Posted by Born Different on Thursday, February 7, 2019


Who’s up for a road trip with us to cheer on the cheerleaders at George Mason University?!

Workout Wednesday

It’s the heart of ❤️competition season and we could all use a little extra endurance boost… time for your @cheerfittraining ENDURANCE WORKOUT💦💪

Today CHEERFIT is focusing on a quick, but SUPER EFFECTIVE total body workout – great for building the endurance to go full out on the mat💪!.

FULL WORKOUT & HOW TO VIDEOS available in the CHEERFIT Club Log 📲. Login to access ~ cheerfittraining.com/login

1️⃣ Burpees I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = total bod, core & cardio

2️⃣ Plank Jacks I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = shoulders, core & cardio

3️⃣ Jump Lunges I 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = hamstrings, quads, core & cardio

4️⃣ Mountain Climbers 10 reps x 3 rounds I focus = core, shoulders & cardio

You got this #cheerfitstrong 💪💦👟

Today, Lead Her Forward

Today, February 6th, is the day we celebrate girls and women in sports!

33 years ago in 1987, the National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) began to unite elite female athletes and women’s leagues, and highlight the promise of girls and women in sports. Powered by the Women’s Sports Foundation, every year has a theme that reflects the positive impact of sport and physical activity for women.

In 2019, the theme for NGWSD is Lead Her Forward, to honor the many ways that sports push girls and women to achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential.

“This year, NGWSD celebrates all the girls and women across the nation leading us forward into a bright future.”

Read more about the organization here, and use the hashtag #NGWSD to share your pics and stories online!

Photo credit to Alexis Martonik from the University of Louisville.

What Disney Headache?!

We saw this post The Disney Headache going around Facebook and uh, we gotta ask… WHO HURT YOU?!

Here’s our rebuttal, ma’am. And next time don’t book during a championship if you don’t like teenagers participating in sport!

Staying at All-Star Resorts

After a season of traveling all over with your team, y’all fight. It happens. We know. We sometimes want to pull Suzie’s posh pony outta her head too. But by the time it comes to the last competitions of the year and you’re rooming with Suzie at All Star Sports, it’s easy to forget why you were annoyed with her in the first place and rekindle your bff status. From the Disney themed rooms with the adorable animal towels on the beds, to stepping right outside onto the iconic football field to practice and watch your fave teams right in front of you, staying at All Star is a right-of-passage for all cheerleaders!

The Food!

Ok, it’s not healthy, and it’s not cheap, but uh, mini-Mickey waffles!! It’s probably best to pack your own snacks though…

Getting Around

Staying on-property makes everything easy. You don’t have a car but you don’t need one! Disney buses take you safely everywhere so if your mom wants to stay by the pool, you can get to Animal Kingdom, or Magic Kingdom, or Hollywood Studios, or Epcot, or or or…

Gift Shops at the Exits

Ok, so the first time you competed at Disney you got all the tiny little souvenirs at the exit of each ride to prove you’d been down Splash Mountain and The Tower of Terror, but now you’re a pro and breeze through those like the money-traps you know they are… and pull your rookie friends outta there asap! Main Street in the Magic Kingdom is enough browsing and has everything you might want to take home as a little memento of your stay. But you know the real take-home prize is the banner waiting for you at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Early Closing Times

This is literally the only reason you get to bed on time when you’re there competing! And Disney is always great about having extra Magic Hours when cheerleaders are on-property.

Outdoor Queues

Uh, how else do you see your friends roaming around the parks and yell at them or take creepy stalker Snapchats if you aren’t outside! Wear sunscreen and a hat, we know what we’re getting into when we line up for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.A

As for the CD staff? We can’t wait for UCA All-Star Nationals, ICU Worlds, IASF and USASF Worlds, and D1 & D2 Summit!


Workout Wednesday

In order to master your bow & arrow💪~ you need to improve these 3 things: flexibility, body control, and hip flexor mobility . . . and @cheerfittrainng has got just the #cheerfitworkout 💦👟for YOU! Do each exercise for 10 reps x 3 rounds and get ready to be impressed!!

-Negative Crunches

-Straddle Leg Lifts

-Tubro Lunges

– Side Lunge to Kick

👉Full workout & how-to videos inside the CHEERFIT Club ~ cheerfittraining.com/JOIN

Go Be Great!

NCA High School Nationals has a lot of amazing going on. The sportsmanship, the cheerleaders cheering for cheerleaders, the spirit and the talent. The athletes who work so hard every day to support their school having their moment in the spotlight. And what a spotlight it is! The stage lights! The pyrotechnics! The banners and medals and jackets! But the best part of the weekend for us wasn’t just the great cheerleading, it was the Go Be Great awards.

Go Be Great recognizes the work cheerleaders do in their school communities, with teams nominated by coaches in the following categories: Crowd Leader, Ambassador, Spirit Raiser, Athlete, Entertainer, and Leader.

In addition to practice for gamedays, pep rallies, and their own competitions, these high school cheerleaders spent hours serving their communities, caroling at retirement homes, food drives for the less fortunate, cheer clinics for special abilities children and helping to provide disaster relief amongst others. One school, United South High School in Laredo, TX requires their cheer team to complete 100 hours of community service each per school year, and the cheerleaders rise to the challenge with pride.

Congratulations to the five winners:

  • Americas High School, El Paso, TX (Ambassador)
  • Cascia Hall Prep High School, Tulsa, OK (Ambassador)
  • Kittatinny Regional High School, Newton, NJ (Ambassador/Spirit Raiser)
  • Pieper Ranch Middle School, San Antonio, TX (Ambassador/Spirit Raiser)
  • Santa Fe Junior High School, Santa Fe, TX (Spirit Raiser)

To read more, head to the Varsity News page!

There’s More To Sticking With Cheer Than Just Grades

Planning on hanging up your cheer shoes at the end of this season because you’re going to be a senior? A junior? Going to college?

More and more we’re seeing kids pull back from sports, especially teenage girls. Girls drop out of sports at 1.5x the rate of boys, and by the time they’re 17, less than 50% of girls are participating in sport.

Why? Most give up sports for their education, realizing that a college scholarship or a professional career aren’t going to be in the cards for them. It’s something that happens a lot, especially in such a demanding sport like cheerleading. For all-star athletes, there’s the travel and the last-minute practices before bid comps. For high school cheerleaders, there’s the early morning practices, games, and school spirit activities.

But what if we were to tell you that sports are known to help improve the dedication, multitasking, and perseverance skills necessary to succeed academically? That 96% of C-level female executives participated in sports in high school and college?  Continue Reading

Clemson Allgirl 2018

We love this video of Clemson Allgirl 2018! We want to be on the sidelines with y’all!

The cheerleader who made this vid, Hailey Bednar, has had the cheerleading career dreams are made of: Stingrays Green, Stingrays Orange, T&S Diamonds… rings on rings on rings on jackets for all-star and HS state championships. And cheering on the Clemson Tigers through two NCAA national championship wins!

We’re going to miss you on gameday when you graduate, Hailey!