Your Daughter Won’t Fly Forever

This post by Jason Larkins is a MUST READ for all cheer parents and athletes.

“My first year of coaching all-star cheerleading, on the first day of practice, we walked into our team of 20 girls ready to get things started. It was your typical first day of practice; we started off with introductions, eventually got into a little tumbling, and finally, it was time to stunt. Again, however, being our first day, we really didn’t know any of the athletes on the team; we didn’t know who the flyers were, who based, or anyone’s strengths, or weaknesses.

So we did the classic coach move, “Alright ladies, line up shortest to tallest.” That’s when we found out that most of our girls were the same height. Ok, plan b. “If you’re a flyer, step forward.” That’s when we found out that most of our girls were flyers as well. Hmmm… And this is not an exaggeration, every athlete who stepped forward as a flyer, who eventually didn’t fly on that team, resulted in a parent meeting, literally. Every. Single. One. And it’s been happening ever since, at every gym across America.”

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Summer Stunt Tip Tuesday!

with Kenny La from Australia

Hey guys! I’ve been cheering for a number of years now and this sport has given me so many unique experiences & opportunities that I’d never thought possible. For that reason I want to utilise what I’ve learnt over the years and give back to the cheer community that has given me so much!

So I’m starting a little thing called “Stunt Tip Tuesdays” where I’m going to upload a short video every Tuesday on a hint or tip that I’ve personally found has helped me a great deal in my stunting. Hopefully, these tips can help you just as much as they’ve helped me 😀

The very first tip oddly enough is not a stunting video 🤔 but rather an exercise that has helped me a lot with my strength & technique. We spend so much time using those ‘pushing’ muscles when we stunt, it sometimes creates an imbalance in your body which can lead to injuries. We need to even it out by working on those ‘pulling’ muscles and pull-ups are an amazing multi-joint, compound exercise that will improve your stunting greatly.

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Drills Build Skills: The Punch Front

From Coach Roman at NY Icons

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USASF Opens Up XS Division

In its first year, only gyms with one Worlds team were eligible for the XS All-Girl and XS Coed divisions. This included satellite and franchise locations of “mega-gyms” although often the subsidiaries were smaller and less-established than the original gym.

For the 2018-19 season, these two divisions have opened up to everyone, regardless of size or Worlds teams, which has been met with mixed reactions from the cheer community.

When initially introduced, there was some reticence that the winners could be true “World Champions” without facing the best of the best. After closely watching the division all season, including an absolutely stunning display of skill and technique at Worlds, there were few who would say these gyms could not hang with the big dogs. Miss Silver from Cheer Express had an undefeated season taking home the first ever gold globe in XS All-Girl, and University Cheer Force Firestorm taking the honors in XS Coed.  Continue Reading

Stress-Free Tryouts!

May 14th-20 is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

For 2018, the Mental Health Foundation has chosen “stress” as their focus. As many cheerleaders end a season and prepare for tryouts for a new season, a new gym or hoping for a new level, it’s important to remember that cheerleading is supposed to enhance our lives, not be stressful or detrimental.

Here are some tips to keep yourself grounded during this time—and any time you need a little self-care! Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday: Upper Body Strength for Flyers

Did we hear you say WORKOUT WEDNESDAY??

Yes, it’s that time again and this week @CHEERFIT is focusing on UPPER BODY strength for F-L-Y-E-R-S!! 💪 Complete each exercise for 12 reps x 3 rounds and get your how-to videos in the CHEERFIT Club #ambassadorperks 👉👈WOOO are you ready or what??

10 Tryout Tips for Parents

by Lisa Aucoin, Spring CDT

Oh tryout season! That magical time of year where every athlete seems to be gaining new skills, gym owners seem a little more on edge and parents are wracked with stress hoping “little precious” makes her dream team for the upcoming season. It’s at this time of the year that I probably love my job most. No stress, no tough decisions, no heartbreaking conversations. That having been said, it is the time of year where we do field questions from parents (some thoughtful, others within inches of sanity) and always end up comforting poor gym owners/coaches who are left feeling attacked, pressured or let down by the tryout process despite their best efforts. As you head into tryouts for the 2018/19 season I thought I’d share some of my best advice on setting realistic expectations, truly gaging the level of your athlete, preparing for tryouts, when cross-competing is justified and coping with the decision to leave/switch programs. Continue Reading

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Uhhh who forgot to shop for Mother’s Day gifts in the craziness that is the end of the cheer season?! Check out our guide for some quick and special gift ideas to thank mom for all she does!

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End of Season Exit: How to Leave Your Gym Gracefully 

by Andrea McBride


All good things must come to an end. And, sometimes they end sooner than we would like. Or, maybe they can’t end soon enough. But, no matter what your reasons are for leaving, there are good and bad ways to leave your gym. You’ll want to make sure you do it in a good way because going through life burning bridges is a sure fire way to destroy valuable relationships.

Below are some tips you can utilize to help you make a graceful exit. Continue Reading